The new service will fill a gap left by the closure of Google Answers

The demise of the Google Answers research service, a service aimed at helping users find specific information they were unable to find through Internet searching, has led to the rise of a new service from the researchers who worked with Google Answers.  The new service is an open beta test, coming just four months after Google announced the closure of Google Answers.

Although Google Answers was popular for users who wanted to pay a fee for answers, it really never generated the traffic Google hoped for.  That did not deter Amazon from launching its answer service: launched just last week.  However, users from the defunct Google service have banded together to form a Google-free answers service, and a direct competitor to Askville.

UCLUE LLC announced, a new user-driven question-and-answers service where the users will be able to set the price of the service -- prices ranging from as little as $5 up to $250.  Virtually any question a user has can be answered in some manner with the service, with topics such as shopping, search engine optimization, geology, business matters, technology, and law issues all being answered.    

Users interested in having a question answered will first post a question to uclue, then will set a price that they are willing to pay for the answer.  If researchers need clarification or don't think the set fee is good enough, they will notify the person who posed the question.

Users interested in looking at the beta can click here to get to the site.

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