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ASUS expects to launch its XG Station next month to OEM and channel partners -- no retail availability expected

Notebook users rejoice: ASUS is set to produce its XG Station external graphics card for notebooks. ASUS previously pulled the wraps off the XG Station at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. The XG Station will not have retail availability, however, ASUS plans to ship the XG Station to OEMs and channel partners.

ASUS will not sell the XG Station as a barebones external graphics card enclosure. Instead, ASUS will bundle the XG Station with ASUS PCIe graphics cards. Pricing on XG Stations will vary depending on the bundled graphics card.

ASUS’ XG Station takes advantage of a notebook’s ExpressCard slot to provide a PCIe x16 slot for additional graphical processing capabilities. ASUS demonstrated the XG Station with an EN7900GS graphics card at CES 2007.

In addition to the enhanced video capabilities, the XG Station features audio output capabilities. There is a single headphone output jack on the XG Station – sorry folks, there is no 5.1 output support. However, the XG Station supports Dolby Headphone technology for simulated six-channel surround sound audio.

Audio and video capabilities aside, ASUS equips the XG Station with a large LED display to monitor vital system information. The LED display shows the following information:
  • System master volume
  • GPU clock speed
  • Current GPU temperature
  • Dolby® Headphone feature status
  • Current actual Frames Per Second (FPS) information
  • GPU fan speed Indicator
A control knob allows users easy overclocking controls too. Overclocking functionality of the control knob is limited to GPU core clock though.

Expect the ASUS to release the XG Station to eligible customers next month. Pricing information on XG Station-based graphics cards is unknown now. Expect XG Station bundles to cost slightly more than an ASUS graphics card itself.

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By jedikevin20 on 3/20/2007 5:30:41 PM , Rating: 2
Ok. since January I have been looking into this dang XG station. I myself have a old gaming laptop, (2.8ghz pentium 4, 2 gigs ram, and a radeon 9000 igp). My video card has finally become pretty obsolete with most games having support cards of ATI of 9500+. People keep saying this thing is not gonna be good because of the bandwith but to me even with that reduction because of 1x its still gonna be way better then what I have now. So to me the XG station is the only solution for those who are in my predicament with antiquated video cards in there laptops. I am in a dorm in college and it hasn't been just me waiting for this thing. If anyone knows college students, the majority of them have laptops and tend to try to push their video cards and play a couple of games they get. This will definitely help those in the department also. My prime concern will be price. From what i researched the video card that will release with the station is around 150-200 dollars and normal sales price. Most people have stated that the station will sell slightly more then the sales price of the card. So where are we at then; 250-400 dollar price range? I am kinda hoping its in that 200+ dollar rang but I highly suspect it will be pretty pricy but you never know. The station is kinda marketed to the 20-30 age bracket with antiquated laptop cards so it may not be to high but you never know

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