AMD demonstrates "Teraflop-in-a-Box" system powered by two "R600s"

AMD yesterday demonstrated a single system with over a teraflop of computing power at a press event in San Francisco, California. Next-generation AMD Stream Processors with a single Opteron dual-core processor powered the teraflop-capable system. The upcoming R600 graphics processor powers AMD’s next-generation Stream Processors. AMD’s “Teraflop-in-a-box” system ran Windows XP Professional.

“Today, teraflop computing capability is largely reserved for the supercomputing space. But now that “Teraflop-in-a-Box” is a reality, AMD can deliver an order of magnitude increase in performance,” said Dave Orton, executive vice president of visual media business, AMD.

AMD’s “Teraflop-in-a-box” system is capable of 1-trillion calculations-per-second when it comes to floating-point calculations. The capabilities of AMD’s “Teraflop-in-a-Box” marks a ten-fold performance increase over the 100-billion calculations-per-second capabilities of current high-performance servers. AMD expects scientific and commercial applications to benefit greatly from its next-generation teraflop capable R600 Stream Processors.

Release date and pricing information of AMD’s next-generation R600 Stream Processors are unknown and the demonstration is a proof-of-concept.

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