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Six Lockheed F-22 Raptors have Y2K-esque glitch of their own over the Pacific

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By VooDooAddict on 3/5/2007 7:14:04 PM , Rating: 2
Finally, keeping the industry going is also a good thing, economically.

Not only that, but keeping the industry going is important to be ready to produce in large quantities if needed. Setting up the facilities to create an aircraft like this need to be done in advance of when it's actually needed. If you start R&D after the start of a conflict then by the time you can ramp up production there high likelihood that it won't be as effective. Or worse it will simply be too late.

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of things we waste military dollars on ... I just don't feel aircraft development is one of them. Would people rather we keep dumping taxpayer $$ into old designs and replacement parts?
(Don't get me started on the "waste")

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