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The Wii off to a great start for 2007

Nintendo’s Wii continues to sell at a fast pace, outselling the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during January. Market research firm NPD Group reports that consumers bought 436,000 Wii, while Xbox 360 sold 294,000 units, followed by PlayStation 3 with 244,000.


Nintendo is crediting much of its success to the broad appeal of Wii compared to machines from Microsoft and Sony. “I do think that we're selling to additional and different customers,” said Perrin Kaplan, VP marketing for Nintendo. “We've had an incredibly healthy start and we think there's going to be a pretty long tail on this product.”


Each console experienced a drop in sales when compared with figures from December 2006. The Wii saw the least decline when compared to its previous month at 604,200, while Xbox 360 saw the biggest decline from its 1.1 million units sold. PlayStation 3 also fell from its 490,700 sold during December.

The PlayStation 2 continues to be a strong seller, likely because of its price point, with 299,000 units—but down from the amazing 1.4 million during the holiday month. The Nintendo DS also loosened its grip, selling 239,000 during January—a steep drop from the 1.6 million during the gift-giving season. PSP also fell to 211,000 from 953,200.

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Eh, Wii's days are numbered
By Sharky974 on 2/22/2007 8:47:15 PM , Rating: -1
I'm a 360 fanboy and I dont even care about the Wii. The only real battle is between 360 and PS3. Wii is just irrelevant.

Look at the top games on Wii, they're all stupid awful "party" or minigames. Then 360 and PS3 are all FPS and big, expensive, experience games that young men prefer. I tend to think the latter definitly holds more long term power.

Look at all the big "experience" games coming on PS3/360: MGS4, DMC4, Mass Effect, Forza 2, GTA5, Gears of War 2, Halo 3, PGR4, GTA4, Alan Wake, Final Fantasy 13, etc etc etc etc. Now what does Wii have coming? Friggen Paper Mario 47 for little kids? Really the only huge title I can think of for Wii is Mario Galaxy. Smash Brother too, though I have no idea when. Ever since the system launched it has had massive game drought, just like Gamecube, with no end whatsoever in sight. Because it doesn't have the graphics capability to drive hype to drive hit games.

Wii sells right now because little kids and girls think it's going to be neat. It's a easy to grasp CONCEPT, that doesn't deliver in reality. The funny thing is it seems like 50% of the post on the net I read by Wii owners are pretty disappointed with the motion control capabilities.

There are practically no games coming for Wii after Mario Galaxy, and third parties aren't going to support it because who wants to work on that crappy machine? Hmm, we'll make Mercs 2 on PS3, 360..oh yeah Wii, well that'll be crap eh? You know companies working on these games dont want to work on Wii. Plus the old problem of, only Nintendo games sell well on Nintendo systems.

Plus Nintendo is not as succesful as people make it out. If you go by total dollars spent on hardware, software, and accesories, 360 is the winner, I read this in NPD. Conversly playstation is the top BRAND if you add up PS3, PSP, and PS2 sales. In other words Nintendo doesn't really win anything. And if you go by dollars spent on hardware, then it's PS3 1, 360 2, Wii 3.

But really, as a 360 fanboy, I'm pleased as punch it beat PS3, I dont even care what Wii sold, they aren't even competing.

PS3 is in huge danger though, I dont see any reason why third parties could ignore the huge install base edge of 360, which is just going to get bigger (at least in the West). It's stunning to me that PS3 couldn't even outsell 360 this early. I expected that to happen maybe in March or April, not January.

"Game reviewers fought each other to write the most glowing coverage possible for the powerhouse Sony, MS systems. Reviewers flipped coins to see who would review the Nintendo Wii. The losers got stuck with the job." -- Andy Marken
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