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The Wii off to a great start for 2007

Nintendo’s Wii continues to sell at a fast pace, outselling the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during January. Market research firm NPD Group reports that consumers bought 436,000 Wii, while Xbox 360 sold 294,000 units, followed by PlayStation 3 with 244,000.


Nintendo is crediting much of its success to the broad appeal of Wii compared to machines from Microsoft and Sony. “I do think that we're selling to additional and different customers,” said Perrin Kaplan, VP marketing for Nintendo. “We've had an incredibly healthy start and we think there's going to be a pretty long tail on this product.”


Each console experienced a drop in sales when compared with figures from December 2006. The Wii saw the least decline when compared to its previous month at 604,200, while Xbox 360 saw the biggest decline from its 1.1 million units sold. PlayStation 3 also fell from its 490,700 sold during December.

The PlayStation 2 continues to be a strong seller, likely because of its price point, with 299,000 units—but down from the amazing 1.4 million during the holiday month. The Nintendo DS also loosened its grip, selling 239,000 during January—a steep drop from the 1.6 million during the gift-giving season. PSP also fell to 211,000 from 953,200.

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dollar sales
By walk2k on 2/21/2007 6:24:12 PM , Rating: 0
PS3 = $142 million
360 = $112 million
Wii = $109 million

RE: dollar sales
By NuroMancer on 2/21/2007 6:33:20 PM , Rating: 5
Dollar LOSSES:

Wii: None
360: Some
PS3: Tons

Don't forget that Sony and Microsoft are losing money on every console sold.

RE: dollar sales
By walk2k on 2/21/07, Rating: -1
RE: dollar sales
By Questar on 2/21/2007 7:27:34 PM , Rating: 2
Actually what matters is software sales. And with the PS3 having a tie rate of less than 1, Sony isn't going to be making any money soon.

On the other hand, Nintendo makes a profit on every console sold, and has a tie rate of 2. That means lots of cash to the bottom line.

RE: dollar sales
By walk2k on 2/21/07, Rating: 0
RE: dollar sales
By nomagic on 2/21/2007 11:12:58 PM , Rating: 2
Not true. We are talking about dollar sales, of which software sales play a major role. If you want to talk about dollar sales, try including the attach rate. This way, a more complete picture can be drawn.

RE: dollar sales
By spwrozek on 2/22/2007 2:00:18 AM , Rating: 2
Besides Zelda, there is Red Steel (I thought was pretty good even though kinda ridiculous, really good use of wiimote). Excite truck is fun as well as the other 4-wheel game, Wario Ware is good, Wii Play was recently released and adds nicely to the 'novelty' games that everyone enjoys. Metal slug is a blast on the Wii, haven't played new Sonic game but looks awesome. Tiger Woods should be really good as well even though it isn't coming out till March.

Finally March 13, TMNT...seriously.

Basically to say the only good game for the Wii is Zelda is ridiculous.

RE: dollar sales
By ViperROhb34 on 2/22/2007 8:26:39 PM , Rating: 2
You're a fool

Simple math here:
PS3 cost more and will show more in sales per console because of this..

Loss ( or gain ) of profit - per console is more important.

Sony has to hope and lose alot of money at first to make more later. If they lose money and not enough ( because thy dont sell enough consoles ) they'll never make it back later and Devs will begin making PS3 Exclusives for other consoles ( We're already seeing about 6 major titles this year alone have been lost to 360 that were previously PS3 titles )

The question is.. On the list of "Exclusive Titles" How many more will be lost in the next year after 2007 ? My guess is enough ..

RE: dollar sales
By DkFFIV on 2/21/2007 7:44:56 PM , Rating: 3
I believe 360's are making money now. Thats fueled hopes that there will be a price drop soon.

RE: dollar sales
By h0kiez on 2/22/2007 8:05:14 AM , Rating: 2
I'm glad I'm not in a business where people think that after losing money for over a year on every item I sold that I should drop the price as soon as I turn a small profit :)...would be nice though. I'd bet the core goes away, the premium goes to $299, and $399 gets you the larger HD, HDMI, etc. Built-in wi-fi would be nice too.

RE: dollar sales
By ajfink on 2/22/2007 12:45:03 PM , Rating: 2
You are correct. Microsoft has been turning a profit on every 360 sold for a number of months now.

RE: dollar sales
By ViperROhb34 on 2/22/2007 6:53:32 PM , Rating: 2
You're living in June 2006 ! If you're going to report news get it right !

As August 2006 Xbox has made about 80 dollars per console sold..

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