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The RyderMark "screenshot" that was published in July 2006
My take on RyderMark's newest incarnation

Fudo posted something about Rydermark today, and the hate mail is already starting to kick up.

In a previous article, we pretty thoroughly debunked the authenticity of Fudo's "screenshots."  In the original article, Fudo published an expose claiming NVIDIA would not allow developers to use 24-bit or 32-bit precision -- whatever that means -- inside the benchmark.  Fudo then published the screenshots of an ATI and an NVIDIA card side by side.

Our rebuttal was to disprove his analysis of this situation based on the two images, at least one of which was just a Photoshop manipulation.  I have my doubts about Candella as well, but the gist of that article -- Fudo's accusations that NVIDIA was pulling some sort of scam with developers -- was untrue given the evidence.

So here's the gauntlet: If Fudo or Candella can supply me with a version of the RyderMark benchmark by midnight tonight, I will donate $1,000 to a charity of Fudo's choosing.  The software must show, in full-motion video, all three screenshots displayed in the article Fudo published today.  I'll donate another $1,000 if it can display the images from the RyderMark "screenshots" published in July 2006.

Update 2/20/2007: Neither individual was able to provide me with the software even after direct requests.  Fuad declined to send me the binary and Candella did not respond to my emails.

Update 2/20/2007: Ryan Shrout from PC Perspective has uploaded the teaser video for the benchmark on Fileshack.  I'm beginning to think this whole thing has been a horrible hoax played on Fudo.

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By James Holden on 2/21/2007 1:19:03 AM , Rating: 3
I feel cheated and lied to. I am out of work right now, so I have spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the "news" articles on Inquirer for R600. I've been waiting for this card for months, and it looks like I'll wait a little longer.

Thank you Inquirer for shamelessly pumping out rumor after rumor, a disservice to your readers and especially to me.

May 22, 2006
The largest chip of all time
Hard launch before the end of the year

May 26, 2006
1GHz clock speed
launch not for 2006
Might be a 65nm chip

May 30, 2006
R600 will not need a Crossfire cable

April 4, 2006
R600 delayed because Microsoft Vista is delayed
Early Q4 launch

June 13, 2006
Hard Q4 2006 release

June 15, 2006
R600 to launch with Microsoft Vista
64 unified shaders

June 21, 2006
R600 taped out

June 29, 2006
R600 has new cooler design

July 18, 2006
R600 is 80nm

August 3, 2006
R600 has a new cooler design

August 10, 2006
R600 is 80nm node

August 18, 2006
R600 has 64 pipes
January launch date

September 14, 2006
R600 launch moved from December to January

September 18, 2006
R600 to consume 250W
Hard January/February launch

September 19, 2006
GDDR4 for R600 clocked at 1GHz

September 20, 2006
R600 has clock higher than 700MHz
64 unified shaders

October 2, 2006
R600 has 500 million transistors

October 13, 2006
R600 has 512Mbit memory bus
128GB/s memory bandwidth
February hard launch

October 19, 2006
R600 higher 3dmark score than 8800 geforce

October 30, 2006
R600 die smaller than 480mm^2

November 1, 2006
R600 has native HDMI

November 8, 2006
R600 scheduled for Q1'07 launch
Silicon released

November 15, 2006
16 pixels per clock

November 15, 2006
12 layer PCB
Memory bandwidth between 115gb/s and 140gb/s

November 15, 2006
Late january launch optimistic

November 28, 2006
R600 has more transistors than g80

December 1, 2006
February launch
Coincide with Microsoft Vista

December 1, 2006
R600 is GDDR4 only
1GB and 2GB versions
Early March launch

December 6, 2006
R600 same time as Vista

January 2, 2007
R600 driver released
Hard February launch

January 7, 2007
R600 demonstrated
1GB of GDDR3

January 9, 2007
Late february, early March launch
Silicon is done, again

January 17, 2006
R600 uses air cooler
launch in time for CeBIT

January 18, 2007
Dual HDMI confirmed
Four variants at launch: R600 XTX, XT, XL, GT

January 24, 2007
R600 final silicon done, again
Firm march launch date

January 28, 2007
R600 "on track" for Q1 07 launch,
Which we say as March including availability

February 2, 2007
Early march launch
No GDDR3 version

February 2, 2007
R600 to launch in early march

January 3, 2007
Early march launch
720 million transitors

February 6, 2007
March r600 launch

February 6, 2007
Four flavors of R600: xtx, xt, pro, gt

February 7, 2007
Quad R600
Radeon x2800 name

February 9, 2007
R600 to use samsung SGRAM
179.2GB/s memoryu bandwidth

February 9, 2007
4GB and 2GB versions of r600

February 9, 2007
R600 launch in early March

February 9, 2007
R600 water cooler
DDR3 and DDR4 models

February 12, 2007
Four launch versions of R600

February 13, 2007
External R600
March and April launch

Was originally published Feburary 19, 2007, dated changed to February 14, 2007
The entire article republishes specifications posted on Dailytech on February 19, 2007
Contradicts articles published on the same day

February 14, 2007
X2800XTX has 750MHz clock

Feburary 14, 2007
Radeon X2800XTZ2 $600
Dual GPU design

February 16, 2007
Radeon X2800XTX has watercooling

February 19, 2007
Late March launch
Might be called X2800XTX or X2900XTX

February 19, 2007
HDMI on r600, Radeon X2800

By oTAL on 2/21/2007 7:01:13 PM , Rating: 2
It really is true... when one guesses on all the possible outcomes, it is pretty easy to "predict" the future. That's how they managed to be right on some (few) of those articles.
Makes me remember a Portuguese "seer", who named himself Zandinga, who predicted in his "new year predictions" that the pope would die... and he did...
Two things come to mind...
1. The pope was a pretty old guy and I can pretty much guarantee that the current pope won't make it past 2020... that doesn't make me special or empowered with mystical supernatural cosmic metachloridians.
2. Lets go back a year and check his "predicitons"... oh! "the pope is going to die!"... now I'm kinda *predicting* that if I go back another year... yup! there it is again... powerful this guy, huh?

Inquirer FTW! =p

"Spreading the rumors, it's very easy because the people who write about Apple want that story, and you can claim its credible because you spoke to someone at Apple." -- Investment guru Jim Cramer
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