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The RyderMark "screenshot" that was published in July 2006
My take on RyderMark's newest incarnation

Fudo posted something about Rydermark today, and the hate mail is already starting to kick up.

In a previous article, we pretty thoroughly debunked the authenticity of Fudo's "screenshots."  In the original article, Fudo published an expose claiming NVIDIA would not allow developers to use 24-bit or 32-bit precision -- whatever that means -- inside the benchmark.  Fudo then published the screenshots of an ATI and an NVIDIA card side by side.

Our rebuttal was to disprove his analysis of this situation based on the two images, at least one of which was just a Photoshop manipulation.  I have my doubts about Candella as well, but the gist of that article -- Fudo's accusations that NVIDIA was pulling some sort of scam with developers -- was untrue given the evidence.

So here's the gauntlet: If Fudo or Candella can supply me with a version of the RyderMark benchmark by midnight tonight, I will donate $1,000 to a charity of Fudo's choosing.  The software must show, in full-motion video, all three screenshots displayed in the article Fudo published today.  I'll donate another $1,000 if it can display the images from the RyderMark "screenshots" published in July 2006.

Update 2/20/2007: Neither individual was able to provide me with the software even after direct requests.  Fuad declined to send me the binary and Candella did not respond to my emails.

Update 2/20/2007: Ryan Shrout from PC Perspective has uploaded the teaser video for the benchmark on Fileshack.  I'm beginning to think this whole thing has been a horrible hoax played on Fudo.

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Come on now!
By Beany on 2/19/2007 5:47:09 PM , Rating: 2
I seriously cannot believe people cant instantly tell that those two original shots (one is posted above in the article), apparently running on ATI and nVidia hardware are quick Photoshops. It's SO obvious.
Ok i've been using Photoshop for over a decade, but still, it's so blatant they are not screen captures of the benchmark running. I could go on about the images, how you can see the sharpening, erasing, blurring, brightening, cropped images and so on... but the point is i shouldn't even need to because it's so obvious it's a photoshop the second i see it.
It's like when games developers often release early shots of a game, and those shots are obviously a CG rendered image, made in 3DSmax/Maya/Cinema4D or whatever, and are not actual in-game shots (funny how this mostly happens with new Sony consoles). Yet so many people fall for it, still.

It honestly depresses me how thick people are.

RE: Come on now!
By johnsonx on 2/20/2007 11:48:29 AM , Rating: 2
Which people are you referring too? AFAIK EVERYONE knows those images are photochops, and piss-poor ones at that. The only thick one is Faud for not admitting the original screenshots were bogus. There may actually be a real Rydermark now, but him continuing to stand by those original screenshots just casts doubt over the whole thing.

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