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The GeForce 6150 and nForce 430 is updated as "MCP68" GeForce 7050 and nForce 630a, now a single-chip design

NVIDIA has another chipset in the works – the GeForce 7050 and nForce 630a, also known as MCP68. The new GeForce 7050 and nForce 630a will arrive in time to compete with AMD’s upcoming RS690-family. AMD’s RS690 hit a snag and has yet to launch in mass quantities unfortunately.

Although the GeForce 7050 and nForce 630a appears to be a brand new chipset, its feature-set is similar to current GeForce 6150 and nForce 430 offerings. It does feature a GeForce 7-series derived graphics core, as with the MCP61 series, though the MCP61-family carries the GeForce 6100 moniker.

NVIDIA’s new GeForce 7050 integrated graphics core features native HDMI and DVI support. Integrated HDCP keys allow the GeForce 7050-series to display protected video content, when connected to an HDCP compliant display of course. PureVideo HD video processing is supported for hardware acceleration of VC-1 and H.264 video formats. It is up to motherboard manufactures to decide the video output capabilities of a GeForce 7050 IGP based motherboard though.

Although GeForce 7050 and nForce 630a based motherboards feature a GeForce 7-series IGP, there is still plenty of expansion options such as a single full-speed PCIe x16 slot. Other notable features of the GeForce 7050 and nForce 630a combination include dual-channel DDR2-533/667/800 support, PCIe x1 & PCI slots, high-definition audio, ten USB 2.0, four SATA 3.0Gbps ports with RAID and Gigabit Ethernet.

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PureVideo is supported by all GeForce 6100
By 13Gigatons on 2/14/2007 9:30:25 AM , Rating: 2
According to Nvidia's site:

I think the difference is SDTV vs HDTV.

This of course brings up a question of why the hell do they need so many crappy version of IGP ?

They all pretty much suck compared to videocards and the price is not much difference between a 6100 and 6150 mobo and yet they have 31 flavors.

Just offer the geforce 6150 and mcp430 and dump the rest.

RE: PureVideo is supported by all GeForce 6100
By Mitch101 on 2/14/2007 2:38:12 PM , Rating: 2
I agree.

Unless the Geforce 6100 is some sort of failed 6150 that doesnt operate 100% making it a 6100 there is no reason for the 6100 going forward.

RE: PureVideo is supported by all GeForce 6100
By Anh Huynh on 2/14/2007 3:10:28 PM , Rating: 2
The GeForce 6150, while it may appeal more to enthusiasts, most likely has a smaller market share than the GeForce 6100. It may be more powerful and have more features, but it costs more. The GeForce 6100 is low-cost, single-chip and runs Windows Aero well enough. It also allows OEM manufacturers to ship low-cost or business oriented AMD systems, which is the bread and butter of the market.

By 13Gigatons on 2/15/2007 8:57:11 AM , Rating: 2
Your missing the point, the price difference is zero between the Geforce 6100 and Geforce 6150. Then there is the MCP405, 410, 430, etc.

Nvidia would save a lot of confusion if the just offered the Geforce 6150 and MCP430. Looking at the price of mobo it's $80 for a 6100 and $80 for a 6150. This does nothing but add confusion for the consumer.

Click the link above and you will see what a joke Nvidia's IGP 31 flavors is, Intel on the other just offers the x3000.

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