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NVIDIA's next-generation single-chip socket AM2 chipset revealed

Memos sent to DailyTech reveal new details of NVIDIA’s upcoming MCP72 single-processor chipset. This will be NVIDIA’s first HyperTransport 3.0, or HT3, compatible chipset and a successor to the current nForce 500-series MCP and the upcoming AMD MCP68 chipsets.

MCP72 will support AMD’s socket AM2 and HT3 enabled AM2+. Socket AM2+ will house AMD’s upcoming Athlon 64 Agena and Opteron Budapest quad-core processors.

Unlike the nForce 590 SLI, the upcoming MCP72 is a single-chip solution similar to the previous nForce 3-series, mainstream nForce 4-series and nForce 500-series. It will also offer a small footprint and have low power consumption.

MCP72 will also be NVIDIA’s first PCIe 2.0 equipped chipset, making it ideal for next-generation PCIe peripherals and graphics cards. Other notable MCP72 features include support for six SATA 3.0Gbps and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports like the current nForce 500-series.

As with all NVIDIA chipset architectures, expect MCP72 to spawn SLI and Ultra variants. There’s also the possibility of MCP72-based integrated graphics offerings too.

Expect MCP72 to launch in time for AMD’s upcoming Agena and Budapest quad-core processors.

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6 sata
By leviathan19 on 2/8/2007 2:17:17 PM , Rating: 1
6 sata only for the chipset is ok you can add more with another controller maybe 4 or 6 more you will have 10 to 12 sata lets take 10 2 for the optical drives and you have 8 there you have more than enough.... even my best friend that is a pr0n addict he only have 5 hdd of 750gb and thats a lot of storage

RE: 6 sata
By Sahrin on 2/8/2007 2:28:20 PM , Rating: 2
The question isn't once of space, it's devices. And second, Why in unholy hell would I want to invest 200-250 dollars in an enthusiast motherboard, then another 200-250 dollars in an SATA controller - when implementing the additional SATA channels on the Chipset would cost nVidia 3-5 dollars/chip? (Pass that on to the consumer at a 200% markup and you're still WAY under the cost of a solid controller card). In addition, truly useful RAID levels (5, 6) only become useful with 4+ drives. I don't want to boot off a RAID array so I boot from a Raptor 150, and have a SG 320 7200.10 for programs/apps/games. If I have a paltry 4 drive RAID 5 array, I've used up every single port on the motherboard.

Add to that the fact that your extra controller solution takes up an additional PCI/PCIe slot (if PCI the performance is abysmal) with a hot SATA controller.

Great alternative. Thanks leviathan, thanks nVidia.

RE: 6 sata
By jkresh on 2/8/2007 3:25:00 PM , Rating: 2
I think what Leviathan was suggesting was the board might have an additional controller integrated (like a lot of boards now have 4 or 6 main + 2 or more from a silicone image controller)...

RE: 6 sata
By Viditor on 2/8/2007 8:31:36 PM , Rating: 2
Why in unholy hell would I want to invest 200-250 dollars in an enthusiast motherboard, then another 200-250 dollars in an SATA controller

I think you missed the whole point here...
The enthusiast board will probably be closer to $100-175 with the budget board in the $50-70 range. Also, the majority of todays boards add an additional on board controller (not part of the chipset) anyway, which usually costs them less than $15...they will probably be included in those enthusiast boards.

RE: 6 sata
By PrezWeezy on 2/13/2007 7:04:53 PM , Rating: 2
Well you can also get SATA backplanes that split each SATA from the board to 7 or 8 ports. So if you have 6 x 8 that's 48 devices. That's a hell of a lot of devices. And if you read some of Anandtech's reviews you can see that you can have 8 devices per SATA II 3.0 GBPs port and not decrease performance at all.

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