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NVIDIA's next-generation single-chip socket AM2 chipset revealed

Memos sent to DailyTech reveal new details of NVIDIA’s upcoming MCP72 single-processor chipset. This will be NVIDIA’s first HyperTransport 3.0, or HT3, compatible chipset and a successor to the current nForce 500-series MCP and the upcoming AMD MCP68 chipsets.

MCP72 will support AMD’s socket AM2 and HT3 enabled AM2+. Socket AM2+ will house AMD’s upcoming Athlon 64 Agena and Opteron Budapest quad-core processors.

Unlike the nForce 590 SLI, the upcoming MCP72 is a single-chip solution similar to the previous nForce 3-series, mainstream nForce 4-series and nForce 500-series. It will also offer a small footprint and have low power consumption.

MCP72 will also be NVIDIA’s first PCIe 2.0 equipped chipset, making it ideal for next-generation PCIe peripherals and graphics cards. Other notable MCP72 features include support for six SATA 3.0Gbps and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports like the current nForce 500-series.

As with all NVIDIA chipset architectures, expect MCP72 to spawn SLI and Ultra variants. There’s also the possibility of MCP72-based integrated graphics offerings too.

Expect MCP72 to launch in time for AMD’s upcoming Agena and Budapest quad-core processors.

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How is this better than the 500 series?
By Sahrin on 2/8/2007 11:29:50 AM , Rating: 1
AMD Chipsets are about features (because the MCH is on-CPU). What compelling features does this thing have? PCIE2.0 and HT3 will be standard across all serious enthusiast competitors in this generation. If this is the best nVidia can muster (Granted, we don't have much yet, but the thing that is killing me is 6...SIX SATA ports? That's it? And I'm willing to bet, no IDE controller to boot. 6 drives. Assume all major optical drives will be SATA at this point, this gives you room for 2 optical drives and four hard drives. What about eSATA? And RAID? You can't build a reasonable RAID 6 array from this (assuming it is even a feature). *sigh* These chipset makers (I'm looking at you, DAAMIT) need to get serious about packing their chipsets - not just the bare minimum will do.

By tmok2007 on 2/8/2007 12:26:48 PM , Rating: 2
Couldn't agree with you more. What are these guys thinking? To be a highend chipset, it should have at least 10 SATA-II ports. If two are going to be used by optical drives, that will still leave us 8 for a decent RAID subsystem and a couple eSATA. Six may be good enough for mass market for now, but it is not good enough for the enthusiasts. Also, how come no one is offering IEEE 1394b? There have been add-on cards for this for years. Apple has it. There are also several external drives (Maxtor One Touch III 1TB and WD My Book Pro) that can benefit from this interface. I'd expect it to be built into the motherboards already. Just because Microsoft doesn't support it natively doesn't mean that the chipset manufacturers shouldn't. Come on guys. I don't need 10 USB ports. Give me the 10 SATA and 1394b, and I can live happily with 8 USB. Finally, I hope nVidia will do a better job QA'ing their stuff next time. Their 680i chipset didn't leave us with a good first impression. A lot of people are still gun shy about it, cause you just don't know whether it will work or not.

By ricera10 on 2/8/2007 2:33:14 PM , Rating: 2
From the article:

As with all NVIDIA chipset architectures, expect MCP72 to spawn SLI and Ultra variants. There’s also the possibility of MCP72-based integrated graphics offerings too.

Those six sata ports are probably for the base chipset. It's probably assumed they'll add more for the ultra and SLI variants.

By Dactyl on 2/8/2007 5:21:19 PM , Rating: 2
I get the impression this is their value line chipset (small, cool, good enough for 99% of non-gamer PC users)

They may have a two-chip solution for their high-end motherboards, but I don't see any reason why the MCP72 would be one of those chips.

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