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NVIDIA's next-generation single-chip socket AM2 chipset revealed

Memos sent to DailyTech reveal new details of NVIDIA’s upcoming MCP72 single-processor chipset. This will be NVIDIA’s first HyperTransport 3.0, or HT3, compatible chipset and a successor to the current nForce 500-series MCP and the upcoming AMD MCP68 chipsets.

MCP72 will support AMD’s socket AM2 and HT3 enabled AM2+. Socket AM2+ will house AMD’s upcoming Athlon 64 Agena and Opteron Budapest quad-core processors.

Unlike the nForce 590 SLI, the upcoming MCP72 is a single-chip solution similar to the previous nForce 3-series, mainstream nForce 4-series and nForce 500-series. It will also offer a small footprint and have low power consumption.

MCP72 will also be NVIDIA’s first PCIe 2.0 equipped chipset, making it ideal for next-generation PCIe peripherals and graphics cards. Other notable MCP72 features include support for six SATA 3.0Gbps and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports like the current nForce 500-series.

As with all NVIDIA chipset architectures, expect MCP72 to spawn SLI and Ultra variants. There’s also the possibility of MCP72-based integrated graphics offerings too.

Expect MCP72 to launch in time for AMD’s upcoming Agena and Budapest quad-core processors.

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RE: These will be low priced!
By MonkeyPaw on 2/8/2007 11:18:33 AM , Rating: 2
I really hope the low-power consumption claim is true. Honestly, I'll believe it when I see it, since every solution from nVidia these days has been far from energy efficient. In fact, NV is hotter than the competition by quite a bit. ATI and Intel don't seem to need the elaborate cooling solutions that nVidia does. I guess we will see how they do and how it compares to the next thing from Intel and ATI.

Going back to a unichip design is a little disturbing to me as well, as it suggests that nVidia won't be offering a competative IGP platform again. Back in the unichip NF3 days, they offered no IGP solution at all. I guess they can stick to the old MCP + IGP design, since they still need to develop a SB for Intel platforms. However, they can't stick with the 6100/6150 IGP for much longer, since the next ATI IGP platform will be considerably better. Honestly, we haven't heard much about nVidia's IGP plans for the future, even though AMD-ATI just gave them the Intel market. It seems like far too important a segment to ignore, since that's what OEMs love to use the most.

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