Original document is for the Airport Extreme
Availability date is still a mystery for the Apple iPhone

Several days ago, a filing was published that revealed Apple had requested details on its iPhone remain confidential within the FCC. The document also noted that June 15th of 2007 will be the official day that the iPhone will become available to consumers.

After careful examination, the filing that was published on line appeared to have been doctored. When compared, the iPhone June 15th FCC filing identically matches the filing made for the AirPort Extreme. The frequencies mentioned in the doctored filing matched those of only 802.11b/g devices and did not mention any GSM frequencies.

Filings made to the FCC are made fully public after a short period of time and all details within the filings are no longer secret. The big issue with the iPhone is that it must pass FCC regulations long before coming to market because it is a wireless communications device. Highly secretive about its products, Apple decided to announce the iPhone far ahead of schedule for this very reason.

Unfortunately, this means that the actual availability date for Apple's iPhone is still a mystery. The iPhone brand name is also still up in the air. Cisco and Apple are in negotiations on how the iPhone trademark will be used. Some analysts say that Cisco will be the likely winner of the case, and may not allow Apple to use the name at all while others believe the "i" tag is generic enough these days to warrant use by Apple.

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." -- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner
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