But the doors are somewhat jammed

Today, Google updated its Gmail service to allow signups from anyone in the world -- no invitation required and no mobile phone required. Previously, new users were required to sign-up using their mobile phones, or receive an invitation request from an existing Gmail user. Without much fanfare or as much as a press release, a small portion of the Gmail FAQ has been updated to reflect the change.

According to the Gmail help center:
Can I sign up without the invitation code? Or without a mobile phone?
Anyone in the world is now welcome to create a Gmail account at Enjoy!
Despite opening its doors fully, Gmail is still a service in technically beta, and the service has been this way for several years now. Google has added new features such as Google Talk and other features to the service all while steadily increasing storage capacity for its users. When Google first launched, it offered an unprecedented 1GB of storage capacity. Now, Gmail's storage counter is approaching nearly 3GB of usable space.

As of right now, several users are reporting that the sign-up link provided by Google does not work in some countries. Some have reported that while it did not work for them initially, it now worked. Those in Canada, Germany, India and the U.K. may find difficulty in getting to the sign-up page. There's currently no indication from the Google or Gmail staff that this is being worked on.

Updated 02/07/07: It appears that Google just changed its Gmail Help page, indicating once again that users who wish to sign up to Gmail will require a mobile phone.

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