Kevin Rollins, now ex-CEO of Dell Inc.
Kevin Rollins says farewell to his role as CEO of Dell Inc.

In a surprise move, Kevin Rollins today resigned his position as CEO of Dell Inc.  Overnight upper-echelon management changes at Fortune 500 companies are not typical occurrences.

Michael Dell, founder of Dell, will re-assume the role of CEO and retain his duties as Chairman of the Board.  In 2004, Dell stepped down as CEO and was replaced by Rollins. Management at Dell has come full circle. Since Rollins stepped into position as CEO, Michael Dell has been putting his hands into various areas of Dell such as marketing, operations, mergers and other areas where he was previously preoccupied doing other things.

“Dell has tremendous opportunities ahead of it,” said Mr. Dell. “I am enthusiastic about Dell 2.0, which includes our plan to provide the best customer experience, build a strong global services business and ensure our products deliver the best long-term customer value,” said Dell in a statement. Rollins however, did not provide a statement about his reasons for stepping down.

Since Rollins stepped up to his role as CEO, Dell Inc. has performed quite well, expanding into many areas such as professional services. Dell also put its hands into the enthusiast level gaming market, buying customized gaming computer manufacturer Alienware in early 2006. Since then Dell has marketed its own line of gaming desktops and notebooks as well as kept the Alienware brand alive and operating independently.

Earlier this year Dell lost its title as the largest PC shipment champion to Hewlett-Packard. Interestingly, HP also purchased Alienware rival Voodoo PC near the end of 2006, pitting both it and Dell squarely head-to-head in the enthusiast market.

“Kevin has been a great business partner and friend. He has made significant contributions to our business over the past ten years. I wish him much success in the future,” said Dell. Rollins did not indicated where he was heading to or whether or not he would still have a day-to-day impact on Dell's operations.

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