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Bleeding edge AMD fans rejoice; your 3.0GHz processor has arrived

It appears as though the February 20th, 2007 embargo date on Athlon 64 X2 6000+ applies to everyone except DailyTech and Newegg.  Details of the last high-end Athlon 64 X2 processor before AMD's next-generation microarchitecture was leaked out DailyTech just a few days ago.

Ryan Shrout tells us that early this morning the retailer began selling the 3.0GHz chip for $599 in-stock, which is actually just under the volume distributor pricing of $607. also lists the processor, but for $685 and out of stock

The processor is slated to launch in a little more than three weeks, but it appears that information about the CPU has already been disclosed.  The  model number has not appeared on AMD's website yet.  AMD's model number, ADX6000IAA6CZ, was leaked with some preliminary specifications on Asrock's motherboard support website early this year.

The CPU is a 90nm dual-core 3.0GHz processor. It features 1MB L2 cache per core and is essentially identical to the Athlon 64 FX-74 processor with the exception that the 6000+ uses Socket AM2 instead of Socket 1207. 

Two Athlon 64 FX 70-series processors are used in AMD's high-end Quad FX platform.  Typically the FX-family processors cost significantly more than the desktop components, but in this case the FX-74 is actually priced $50 less than the 6000+ at Newegg.

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RE: Unreasonably overpriced !!!
By Ringold on 1/27/2007 8:16:40 PM , Rating: 2
Unfortunately, got to disagree.

Saw earlier today a Fry's in-store deal.

"Frys Electronics - Intel E4300 CPU + Motherboard for $149.99"

"Frys Electronics in-store has the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E4300 and the ECS P4M800PRO-M V2 motherboard for $149.99.

Motherboard comes with
- Onboard 2D/3D Video / 6 Channel Audio
- Supports AGP8x / SATA & RAID Support
- DDR400 or DDR2 533

For a low-end econo box, that rocks. Hell, the processor alone is worth that.

AMD has some strength in the low end category but once the E4300 is in wide circulation the smart money is C2D from low end to high end.

Saw the above on, btw.

NewEgg wants $179 for the E4300 alone.

RE: Unreasonably overpriced !!!
By BladeVenom on 1/27/2007 9:03:11 PM , Rating: 1
That's not the normal price, it's only available at Fry's brick and mortar stores which most people don't have near them, and even worse that motherboard doesn't work with that processor until it's been flashed with a new BIOS.

RE: Unreasonably overpriced !!!
By lonster on 1/28/2007 12:30:49 AM , Rating: 2
Be careful, I've returned 2 CPU/ECS board combos from Fry's. The first combo was an X2 3800+ and an NFORCE4-A939, stability issues + faulty USB controller which would only operate in 1.1 mode. The second was a P4 2.66/ECS P4M800 PRO which would not post at random. Save your cash, or buy the combo and eBay the board.

RE: Unreasonably overpriced !!!
By mino on 1/29/2007 5:20:59 PM , Rating: 2
Well, you found a deal 1cent under $150 he mentioned. HURAH!

Actually, as that board has a negative value by the necessity to get rid of her (that's its bundled for free), your deal may be a little over $160.

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