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A chip to allow Wii to play backups will soon be released

With successful launches of Wii worldwide, console hackers from all over have had the opportunity break open Nintendo’s console. It’s taken only a couple of months, but creators of a “Wiinja” modchip claim that its coded IC is able to bypass the copy protection on the Wii.

As described on Emuboards, the first Wii modchip will allow direct booting of backup games of the same native region as the console. That is, a North American Wii will only be able to run software intended for North America.

The modchip is reminiscent of hardware mods from the days of the original PlayStation, requiring five wires to be soldered directly onto the Wii’s motherboard. It should go without saying that the console must first be dismantled and that the entire process would completely and utterly void the warranty.

As proof of the modchip’s operation, the developers have posted a couple videos on YouTube, demonstrating a Wii loading games burned onto recordable DVD media. A method to backup Wii games was revealed earlier this month, though the process of creating a disc image could take in the neighborhood of about fifty hours.

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RE: Please.
By Pandamonium on 1/29/2007 11:32:20 PM , Rating: 2
Have you ever heard of the term slippery slope? Because that's the premise of your argument. Why don't you develop a line of reasoning that is reasonably plausible?

To continue that which you began:
-Nintendo holds US tourists hostage, demanding compensation for "lost revenue" from video game piracy
-WTO imposes trade embargo on Japan until tourists are released
-Japan reciprocates, stopping PS3 shipments
-A stalemate ensues
-Months later, an entertainment-starved US surrounds Japan with military warships
-Nintendo panics, gets Japan to attack large ships
-War follows
-Japan wants to end it; launches nuclear weapons
-US sees nuclear threat, retaliates
-World as we know it ends

Post something with substance next time.

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