Telegrams just aren't as popular as they used to be

Skip Clarke writes to tell us:

For 145 years, Western Union has sent telegrams as a form of community. Once the primary form of long-distance communication, telegrams had since been supplanted by the telephone, radio, television and now the Internet. During WWII, the government even used telegrams to notify families of soldier injuries and deaths. This development causes us to examine how long our current forms of communication will exist, with email often being supplanted by SMS and IM.

Full details about the service termination here.  Telegrams may be a nostalgic way to get in touch with someone, but unfortunately it seems as though the writing was on the wall for quite some time.  Western Union has had long distance communication experience in everything from telegrams to communication satellites to cell phones.  The end of the telegram may mark the end of Western Union's first chapter, but the company is still doing well 150 years after its inception.  Western Union's parent company, First Data Corporation, just recently announced its intention to spin off Western Union as a publicly traded company.

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