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The micronation of Sealand
PirateBay's plans threatened as Sealand's sovereignty is called into question

Earlier this month, the people who run announced plans to purchase the man-made island called Sealand. Michael Bates, Prince and heir to Sealand, said in a CBC interview that he has no intention of selling his micronation to any cause that violates international treaties. Oddly enough, Sealand was once home to nation founder Paddy Roy Bates’ pirate radio broadcasting operation.

When the interviewer asked Prince Michael about his awareness of’s intentions, he spoke quite clearly on how he was against file sharing. “It’s theft of proprietary rights, it doesn’t suit us at all,” he said. “In fact, I’ve written a book and Hollywood is making a movie out of it, so it would go right against the grain to go into the file sharing thing.”

The estate agent hired to handle the sale of Sealand has also gone on record to say that would not be a suitable buyer. “We might not be able to sell to them, since one of the conditions imposed by the actual occupants of Sealand is that none of the activities to be carried out on Sealand should be an action against the UK, and potentially this group does not comply with this condition,” Sealand said a statement issued to InmoNaranja. “The final decision lies with the current representatives of Sealand at the time of seeing the purchaser's proposal.”

Legal online publication Out-Law consulted a Dundee University lecturer in constitutional and international law, who thinks that Sealand isn’t its own sovereign nation after all. “It is within 12 miles of the coast of Britain and in 1987 the UK extended its territorial waters to 12 miles. That means that UK law applies, including the law of copyright, which could be extended to Sealand without any legal problems whatsoever,” said Professor Robin Churchill.

The final nail in the coffin for independent operations such as PirateBay is the asking price for rights to Sealand. According to Prince Michael, his micronation is valued at €750 million ($971 million), putting it out of reach to all small time buyers. At the time of writing, a total of $19,941 has been raised at’s

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By rika13 on 1/23/2007 5:40:48 AM , Rating: 2
anybody remember havenco? they specifically allowed warez servers, black market operations, anything except terrorism after 9/11 and child porn

havenco also had some pretty tight defenses, nitrogen flooded server rooms, you have to bring your own air or else the atmosphere will KILL you, AA guns, and heavily armed guards; definately would require a military operation (aka, an act of war) to get in and with the same defense that kept england safe from nazi germany (its called being a dinky island) means you need a vehicle (those AA guns would tear a helocopter or boat apart) or a few cruise missiles (a blatant and overt act of aggression)

england must defend sealand if it wishes to claim the mirconation legally (which means if sealand is attack, england MUST counter-attack), something they aint going do for the RIAA; so either it must enforce british law on sealand which it cannot do without sealand's permission (sealand was claimed before england expanded her borders to 12km, and I believe the UK has ex post facto prohibitions as well) or it must attack sealand (which will be seen as an outrage by many, since it's the UK bullying another nation) and an act of war would force the crown to recognize sealand as a seperate entity

of course selling out to hollywood is definately worth more than $20k

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook

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