AMD may have racked up another high profile client

Occasional DailyTech writer and President of VoodooPC, Rahul Sood, has some fairly exciting news from Geneva this week.  Sood claims Blizzard just purchased 1500 Opteron servers specifically for World of Warcraft world and instance servers.

I am guessing Blizzard will combine the power of these servers to improve the gaming experience for World of Warcraft users worldwide – as well Blizzard may also be preparing for their next major online game. Perhaps they are preparing for the next generation Diablo or something of the like.

Blizzard anticipates releasing an expansion pack to the wildly popular MMORPG within the next few months.  The company has come under continuous scrutiny after its servers have crashed due to end game content and increasing populations.  It's still unclear as to whether or not Blizzard will adopt these servers to replace the existing fleet of several thousand machines world wide, or if the new servers will just host new content and worlds. 

You can view the rest of Sood's analysis here.

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