Current style of education is too old says a university professor

According to David Williamson Shaffer, an education science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, school kids should be allowed to play video games in school. Shaffer says that video games will provide a higher order of learning for today's generation of kids who are tech savvy.

Shaffer told reporters that the current way our education system works -- at least in North America -- is centuries old and was designed for the industrial revolution rather than the information age. Shaffer feels that today's education system is simply lacking in terms of innovation. This is what Shaffer says will prevent kids from competing with those who have been in the work force for years.

While many people will disagree with Shaffer, he did indicate that innovation in education will drive innovation in the industry. "People think that the way we teach kids in schools is the natural way we should learn. But young people in the United States today are being prepared for standardized jobs in a world that will, very soon, punish those who can't innovate. We simply can't 'skill and drill' our way to innovation," expressed Shaffer.

One of Shaffer's primary concerns is that he feels U.S. students are falling behind compared to students in rising countries such as China and India. According to Shaffer, kids should be allowed to browse the web, instant message each other and even use their iPods during class lesson -- although he did fail to mention any negative impacts this might have on kids paying attention to what's being taught. In one positive way, if a child was feeling that his teacher was moving too slow with a particular subject, he or she could simply “Google” it as the teacher continues to speak.

Shaffer is currently working on developing educational games that will help students learn about subjects such as history, chemistry, physics and other topics. Shaffer will start to promote his computer game-focused education system to various schools starting in March of this year.

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