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PQI's 64GB SATA Flash SSD drive

PQI 64GB PATA and SATA Flash SSDs at Computex
PQI announces 64GB SATA Flash SSD drive... again

While companies like Samsung , SanDisk and RiTek have been touting their 32GB Flash SSDs which feature Parallel ATA (PATA) interfaces, PQI has upstaged the companies by (re)announcing a 64GB Flash SSDs with both PATA and Serial ATA (SATA) interfaces.

We first saw PQI's 64GB Flash SSDs at Computex in June. At the time, PQI said that the drives would be shipping in August. Well, August came and went and not a peep was heard from PQI.

With the competition starting to heat up in this sector, PQI has stepped up its efforts to get its Flash SSDs in gear. PQI's 2.5" Turbo SATA SSD will be available in capacities up to 64GB and will have a maximum transfer rate of 100MB/sec.

The SATA design also makes the drive more attractive to notebook OEMs. SATA has high penetration in the notebook sector and has effectively been shutting out PATA hard drives. With the smaller cable size, PQI's SATA solution becomes a more attractive offering than the competition.

Pricing and availability is not yet known for the 64GB SATA Flash SSD, but hopefully PQI doesn't leave us hanging like it did when it first announced the drives.

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RE: Oooohhh Baby!
By jelifah on 1/12/2007 10:39:28 AM , Rating: 2
The previously mentioned 32GB SSD Drive for under $200 seemed pretty reasonable to me.

RE: Oooohhh Baby!
By underline21 on 1/12/07, Rating: -1
RE: Oooohhh Baby!
By CascadingDarkness on 1/12/2007 2:59:57 PM , Rating: 2
Be realistic, if your waiting for these to drop to 2GB per $1. As everyone has said before it will be a long time before SSD replaces platter drives for media. You would buy one of these for your OS/system files.

Remember too, this is 2.5" as in laptop size. These drives cost more like 1GB to $1. I know SSD is 1GB to $6, but I think that is competitive for 1st gen with little market penetration so far. Just wait a year and you should be more than happy with prices. If your like me you won't be able to wait that long. =)

Maybe someday it will completely replace spinning discs, but with cost it won't be anytime soon. I certainly wouldn't mind paying a little extra for super quick boot time and core files loading at 100MB/s constant.

RE: Oooohhh Baby!
By The Sword 88 on 1/12/2007 3:35:34 PM , Rating: 2
So could I just swap my Dell E1705's current drive with one of these? And then reinstall windows and all that but will it work hardware wise?

RE: Oooohhh Baby!
By ADDAvenger on 1/13/2007 12:15:15 AM , Rating: 2
Of course it will, that's why they're making these things. Any needed controllers and firmware will be installed inside the drive itself, just like they do with current spinning HDDs.

RE: Oooohhh Baby!
By rippleyaliens on 1/13/2007 8:35:15 PM , Rating: 2
Actually that is Cheap for that type of storage.
$200 for a device that offers 4x the Disk IO of a traditional HIGH end hard drive is CHAZZEEPP.
I got a quote from Texas MEmmory systems, that specializes in HIGH disk IO subsystems, and Using Solid state drives, the cost for 96gb was in the 100K range. So $200 is a steal.

If you cant afford it, then maybe you dont really need it.

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