No more modchip, no more softmod. XBOX 1 can play "backup" discs or XBMC with ease

The XBox hacking community has now claimed that with the original Xbox, players everywhere no longer need to purchase and have a mod-chip installed in order to play backed up games.

Traditionally, Xbox users were using hardware modifications that were installed to bypass certain checking and verification schemes that Microsoft implemented. Eventually through the Xbox Live! service, Microsoft was able to enforce a certain amount of authentication, banning those it detected to have modified Xbox units.

Then came the mods where users could flip a switch and go back and forth between "modded" mode and regular original mode, which allowed players to play authentic Xbox Live enabled titles but switch back to playing backed up discs at will.

Now, using specialized firmware mods, the hackers claim to have a mod-chip free method that works 100% of the time. No details were given about how this would work with Xbox Live.

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