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The latest AMD ATI roadmaps reveal details of more DirectX 10 graphics cards

DailyTech has just finished its briefing on the upcoming AMD ATI Radeon launches.  The company has three major launches over the next few months: codenamed R600, R610 and R630.

The R600, ATI's ultra-high-end Radeon X1950 successor, has a production date scheduled for February 2007.  The card will launch at or around the Cebit 2007 convention in mid-March.  Shipments will follow shortly after.

Our latest roadmaps indicate R600 will support unified shaders and GDDR4 or GDDR3 memory.  GDDR3 versions of the card running revision "A12" silicon appear to be making rounds in the blogsphere, and select press can even take a sneak peak  of the card under embargo here at CES.  The final silicon for R600 will be "A13."

A GDDR4 version of the card will be the flagship launch product. Clock frequencies on any R600 card have not been set officially yet, and will not appear on marketing material until just a few weeks before the launch.

The company has also added the R610 and R630 GPUs to the roadmap.  In the past, ATI has used lower number codenames to denote entry-level products.  We would suspect R610 would be the entry-level R600 cutdown, and R630 would be the mid-range chipset.  The Radeon roadmap puts both of these products on the shelf before June 2007.

All R600-series GPUs from ATI are compatible with DirectX 10.

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RE: numbers
By tkSteveFOX on 1/9/2007 9:01:01 AM , Rating: -1
Nvidia have failed to aplly mid and lower end to it`s 8xxx lineup and that was the big problem for me cause i won`t buy a high end GPU i see no benefit from that it just spoils the use cause once you go high end you can`t turn back.And the 8800 is still a bit too pricy for me.Anyway im an ATI fan and the Xenon is a trully amazing GPU for 2005 2006 2007 and 2008 the PS3 RSX is slower than the Xenon.The RSX isn`t unified.Anyway the PS3 relies only on the Cell to deliver the goods.In my appinion the R600 will be a much more secsesive chip compared to the 8800 series.Ati is taking it`s time cause there really isn`t any need for a dx10 GPu and ati will implant a DX10.1 specs into the core making it a product to last on the market for a couple of years.

RE: numbers
By threepac3 on 1/9/2007 9:58:30 AM , Rating: 2
I think Nvidia's early entry into the next-gen (DX10) add-in card arena will ultimately be better for them. ATi will indeed come up with a more powerful card-- Though there is no doubt in my mind that NV is waiting with a new product to super seed ATi card.

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