Intel's dual quad-core "V8" system
Intel makes 8-core processing the new playground

At CES 2007 today, Intel reaveled a proof-of-concept PC designed specifically to counter AMD's 4x4 platform for gamers. Dubbed the "V8" system, Intel demonstrated a system running on a pair of quad-core Kentsfield Xeon processors for a total of eight physical cores.

The system runs at 2.4GHz utilizing a 1066MHz system bus and is loaded with FB-DIMM memory. The graphics card is supported by a single NVIDIA 8800GTX. According to Intel, the "V8" system dished out a score of 6089 on 3DMark CPU bench.

DailyTech previously reported on AMD's 4x4 platform, which was later given an official name called Quad FX. AMD broke news of its dedication to the gaming community early in 2006 and received good praise from the general enthusiast community. Dual-processor systems have not been as popular as they were several years ago due to the advent of multi-core processors and the cost and complexity of the systems in general.

Unlike AMD's Quad FX platform, Intel's "V8" system will require FB-DIMMs while Quad FX will work with regular unbuffered memory.  The AMD Quad FX platform can also support multiple GeForce video cards in SLI configuration, while the "V8" is currently limited to a single graphics card.

Despite the enourmous amount of processing power packed into Intel's "V8" system, AMD is not far away from releasing something along the lines of an "8x8" system utilizing quad-core Opteron processors. AMD demonstrated its Barcelona in November of 2006 and mentioned that the new Opterons would be making a showing in mid-2007.

Apple launched its dual-xeon Mac Pro platform earlier this year.  The Mac Pro slots two Core-based Xeon DP processors, and is dual-core ready.  However, only weeks after the Mac Pro launch my former employer was spotted running the system with quad-core processors instead.  Support for official quad-core support in the Mac Pro will launch shortly, presumably at the MacWorld convention tommorow.

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