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Internal TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

External TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner
CableCard ready for OEMs only

AMD today announced the worlds first CableCard compatible TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner. The AMD TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner is fully certified by CableLabs and compliant with the OCUR, or Open Cable Unidirectional Receiver standard. This product will only be available to OEMs, as Microsoft’s Windows Vista will only support CableCard tuners in pre-built systems.

While Microsoft has placed strict regulations on CableCard equipped systems, it will not hinder Media Center Extender capabilities. AMD claims:
With the new ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner, consumers can watch live or record high-definition broadcasts to preserve in a video library or stream to their Xbox 360™, if permitted by the content provider. Powered by AMD Avivo™ image technology, consumers get outstanding picture quality and smooth playback of their premium HD digital cable TV content on their media center PC, beyond basic cable channels, traditional analog TV and free over-the-air HD channels.
The TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner will tune into most broadcast sources including NTSC, ATSC over-the-air and QAM encrypted ATSC. AMD’s Theater 550 Pro decoder that is also found on AMD’s TV Wonder Elite delivers analog tuning capabilities. An AMD NXT2003 decoder takes care of ATSC tuning. While the TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner will tune into regular cable broadcast and over-the-air antenna signals users are required to contact their cable company to obtain a CableCard for premium channels such as HBO.

AMD will provide three versions of the TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner -- external, PCI and PCIe. All three models interface with the system via USB 2.0 though. External models connect using standard USB 2.0 interface and require power from its own power supply. PCI and PCIe models only use the physical slot for retention purposes and require power through a floppy-drive power connector. The internal interface is still USB 2.0 on PCI and PCIe models.

Expect the TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner to be available in OEM systems when Windows Vista ships on January 30th, 2007.

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permission granted
By codeThug on 1/8/2007 10:42:32 AM , Rating: 2
if permitted by the content provider

or suitable software crack installed...

RE: permission granted
By Lazarus Dark on 1/8/2007 10:58:13 AM , Rating: 4
they already put broadcast flags on nearly every channel including friggin local channels, which should never be flagged! I'm sure even with this, it will be severely restricted, I'd be surprised if you could stream anything much and I'd be very surprised if you could record premium channels on your media center pc.

quite frankly, after years of consumer abuse, monopolistic practices and slow adoption of new technology I am sick of cableco's. And this BS with no cablecard on vista without buying a whole new comp is the last straw. As soon as any company offers high speed internet, IPTV and cell service in my area I am dropping cable for good. Unfortunately, its a necessary evil right now as they are the only ones in my area with more than 500k download speed (woohoo, a whopping 2mbps that never really goes above 1mbps). I look forward to the day I can drop for good time warner/comcast/whatever they're calling themselves this week.

RE: permission granted
By Hulk on 1/8/2007 11:27:39 AM , Rating: 2

RE: permission granted
By Chadder007 on 1/8/2007 11:47:35 AM , Rating: 2
Agreed. Im tired of this crap too from Comcast.

RE: permission granted
By FITCamaro on 1/8/2007 1:05:39 PM , Rating: 2
Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the US Supreme Court make broadcast flags illegal and thus ban them? I remember when everyone was screaming to go buy a TV Tuner card before they started coming out with the broadcast flag enabled but then the Supreme Court overruled the decision.

Ultimately if you can see it, you can record it. The decryption is handled through the cable box. Once its output to the TV, they can't control what you do with it. Same for TV Tuners.

RE: permission granted
By on 1/8/2007 1:46:21 PM , Rating: 2
Technically it was a federal appeals court, and what they actually ruled was that he FCC had no authority to force electonics makers to obey broadcast flags for Over-The-Air receivers in the public airwaves. The verdict was that the FCC can't control the electronics companies.

In the end, this has no effect for digital cable subscribers whom don't get similar protection, since cableTV is subscription and not considered "broadcast". CableTV is still very heavily subject to CableLabs certification, which itself is made up of a coalition of the -- you guessed it -- cable operators.

RE: permission granted
By mrgq912 on 1/8/2007 2:14:56 PM , Rating: 2
Microsoft is offering IPTV via Xbox live on the 360. It will start in winter 2007.

Microsoft is one large enigma.

RE: permission granted
By phusg on 1/8/2007 4:48:45 PM , Rating: 2
Don't know about the enigma, it seems that they are doing everything with their power to keep premium streaming content off the HTPC and forcing people to buy an XBox. Must keep the content providers happier.

RE: permission granted
By MonkeyPaw on 1/8/2007 6:06:32 PM , Rating: 2
Don't forget the NFL network and the new Thanksgiving day tradition of bringing us a game that almost no one gets to watch. Communication companies and content providers really don't get it sometimes. Of course, it's probably getting harder to push 21st century signals through 20th century infrastructure.

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen
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