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The ASUS XG Station is connected via a dongle to the notebook ExpressCard interface
ASUS introduces the world's first external graphics card for notebook users

ASUS today introduced a dedicated external graphics card for laptops -- the XG Station. The XG Station is an external graphics card that allows laptop users to enjoy high end graphics performance while plugged in. As the XG Station is an external graphics it can be unplugged when portability is needed.

The XG Station connects to any notebook’s ExpressCard slot and provides a PCI Express x16 slot for graphics cards. Since ASUS has opted to equip the XG Station with a standard PCI Express x16 slot, the station can be equipped with any PCI Express based graphics card: AMD, NVIDIA or even Matrox. ASUS launched the default XG Station with an NVIDIA 7900GS powered graphics card.

The XG Station is powered externally.  A separate power brick plugs directly into the adaptor.

An integrated LCD display and control also grace the XG Station. The display is customizable and can display information such as frame rate, fan speed, GPU temperature and more while the control knob can change various settings of the XG Station such as the core and memory clocks.

Expect ASUS to release the XG Station in Q2'07 this year. Pricing of the XG Station is unknown at the moment.

The XG Station adaptor only interfaces with ExpressCard interfaces at the moment, but will work with with PCIe ExpressCard interfaces installed in a desktop PC.

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external power?
By jmunjr on 1/8/2007 2:36:04 AM , Rating: 2
Ok now I read it needs external power. Ok I guess I can see the attraction for some of you, but holy cow this thing will cost a lot - much more than the video card itself. I mean if you think you might buy this just get a better laptop. Or better still get your cheap laptop and decent desktop machine. You're gonna need an extra monitor anyway. Heck a cheap emachines with PCI-E and a solid graphics card will be better than 99% of the laptops today for games and *can* cost under $500 if you get some smokin deals - yes $500 for a desktop with better 3d performance than most laptops.

RE: external power?
By 0uterlimitz on 1/8/2007 1:50:23 PM , Rating: 2
I disagree.

What cheap emachines do you speak of? Are you saying that by plugging an 8800Gtx into an Emachines with a celeron and 256megs of ram will be superior to X laptop?

99% of the laptops out there?

you've got to be kidding right?

most laptops nowadays come with at least a gig, and at least a core duo or A 64.

I seriously doubt that an emachines with it's ghetto mobo can deal any punishment to 99% of the laptops out there.

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