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We should expect to see 1TB hard disk drive products within 6 months

Seagate Technology has just released information to DailyTech with regard to the company's upcoming highest capacity hard disk drive to date. At 1TB, if no other hard disk drive manufacturer can catch up, Seagate will have the highest capacity hard drive product to market first.

The 1TB hard disk drive will be based on perpendicular recording technology which packs bits tighter onto the magnetic platter by positioning them perpendicular to the platter as opposed to linear recording which positions bits horizontally. The perpendicular recording technology, which has been in use by Seagate and its platter supplier for over a year now, will be put to the test as Seagate states the 1TB product will implement fewer platters and heads to improve the performance of the drive.

In a statement to DailyTech earlier today, the company claimed:
Seagate’s 1TB hard drive will be our second generation 3.5-inch hard drive to feature capacity-boosting perpendicular recording technology, and it will use fewer heads and discs than similar-capacity products we expect to see from our competitors. It is clear that fewer heads and discs, along with our proven perpendicular technology, can increase drive reliability, and also reduce operating temperatures, power consumption, noise, and weight.
It is confirmed now that we should expect a 1TB Barracuda from Seagate Technology to hit the market in full force sometime in the first half of this calendar year.   Seagate was also the first company to announce a 750GB hard drive last year.  No company has since announced a drive with 750GB or greater capacity.

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RE: Price...
By Xtremist on 1/4/2007 4:44:27 PM , Rating: 2
I'd expect the initial release to cost maybe $600 or so? Probably a hundred more but I'm hoping $600 :-) I definately agree price is important, but there's several people who will want to get a 3TB RAID-5 going with only 4 drives opposed to 2.25TB using the 750's. And some of those will be willing to pay the premium. I personally am looking for the 750's to drop even more when the 1TB's come out and maybe pick up 4 of those for $250/each or so? That would be very nice!

RE: Price...
By Shadowself on 1/4/2007 5:07:09 PM , Rating: 2
$600 or even $700 would be chump change to the price of the first 9GB drive by Seagate over a decade ago. It shipped at $4,500 (yes, four thousand five hundred dollars for a nine gigabyte drive) and stayed at that price for about six months.

Ah, how times have changed.

RE: Price...
By Lonyo on 1/5/2007 5:00:40 AM , Rating: 2
Hitachi says $400 for its 1TB drive, which means Seagate can't charge much more, or they won't get any business.

RE: Price...
By Samus on 1/5/2007 6:18:48 AM , Rating: 2
except i'd pay $100 more for a 1tb seagate than a 1tb hitachi. for two reasons. reliability. warranty.

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