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Kronos cooling run at 8.5kilo-volts to cool a device 25 degrees Celsius - Image courtesy
Kronos Advanced Technologies claims that's the way we're headed

Lately, heatsinks and traditional fans have become so large that they are beginning to be obstructive and are sometimes too heavy. This is an issue on the graphics processor front in many ways, as there isn't enough room for large heatsinks, yet GPU thermal exceeds that of high-speed CPUs.

A company called Kronos Advanced Technologies is working on a method of removing heat from devices such as CPUs by using ionic discharge to create a fluid motion of air. This technology has been around for a few years and is used in products such as ionic air filters, which have no moving parts but still move volumes of air and create quite a strong breeze. The same concept is being applied to micro processor cooling.

Despite the advancement however, the volume of air moved over the CPU core is still small because the core surface area is small. Heatsinks are used to increase surface area of the hot surface, so that when air is moved over the fins, more heat can transfer to the air. The Kronos' device will attempt to remove hot air away from the processor core directly without the need for heatsinks. With this method, the velocity of air being moved needs to be extremely fast in order to compensate for the lack of surface area -- and speed is something that ionic air "movers" lack.

Right now, Kronos is still working on prototypes, which it claims are scalable from very small micro coolers to large scale sizes. Power requirements also appear to be quite steep at this point in time. One of Kronos' demonstration shows a heated area being reduced from roughly 50C to 25C using an ionic cooler, but the power supply required around 8.5kV, or 8500 volts, to stay stable.

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RE: what about the ozone?
By tk109 on 1/4/2007 6:26:03 PM , Rating: 2
You know what? I really wanted to post about how sick I got from using two of those ionic breezes. But I figured people would call me a loony or something and not believe me.

For about a year I had two of those. I slowly got sicker and sicker until I felt I was seriously dieing of something. I couldn't even do anything but lay around and feel sick. My whole body and mind felt horrible all the time and it kept escalating. I decided to turn off my Ionic breezes. I started feeling better right away and after a few weeks was back to normal. I turned them on again thinking it was a fluke. GOT VERY SICK AGAIN! Turned it off and got better. Tried one more time just to be sure and as soon as I started feeling sick again I dumped those things like a bad habit.

Those things either need to be banned or have some giant sticker with a huge warning on it. It's really scary and debilitating to be that sick. All from some stupid little air filter. That really makes me feel better knowing the reason behind it and it's not just me. Thanks!

RE: what about the ozone?
By UnFaZeD on 1/4/2007 10:24:40 PM , Rating: 2
why not try just ONCE more....for quad times sake...

RE: what about the ozone?
By peternelson on 1/4/2007 11:23:31 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah just to reach the 9999.99999 confidence level of established testing and confirm your results are not just a statistical improbability.

Of course you could do the test the other way and put a bag over your head with the concentrated breeze and see if you collapse unconscious or get cancer or something. That would be more compelling proof.

But, seriously, you're right, that was the first thing I thought.

"Lifters" are either used outdoors (when not windy), in big rooms like warehouses or for very short term demos at science fairs etc.

To run ionic cooling 24x7 in your bedroom would likely make you sick, and that would distract you in your fps gaming.

Have you considered a class-action lawsuit after your experiences? It would appear to have more merit than "Warning: this coffee may be HOT".

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini
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