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Get your shine on ... outside of South Korea reports LG is expected to unveil its Shine cell phone at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show. LG is expected to have a complete booth dedicated to the upcoming Shine—stainless steel and all. While LG previously released a CDMA version of the Shine in South Korea, LG is expected to demonstrate and release a GSM variant in European, Asian and American markets.

The LG Shine features a stainless steel casing coupled with a mirror-finished QVGA display. It also features a 2 megapixel camera with a memory expansion slot. Other features such as Bluetooth and integrated MP3 player are included as well.

Expect the GSM LG Shine to arrive in Europe this quarter followed by Asia and US releases later on.

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." -- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner
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