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Out with the old, in with the new

Despite the good price/performance ratio, HP's DLP televisions are on their way out in favor of LCD and plasma based sets. HP revealed its 2007 lineup of HDTV’s that will be on display at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show, and its roster of televisions no longer include DLPs.

According to an earlier report on the topic, HP has invested heavily in DLP technology -- making the move away from DLP a rather strange one. Market forces, such as increased demand and lower costs for flat panels, may have had something to do with the decision to concentrate on LCD and plasma.

When asked about its plans for new television products for this year Pat Kinley of HP Personal Systems Group explained, “During 2007, HP plans to concentrate engineering resources and marketing efforts towards the growth segments in the HDTV category, which include LCD and plasma TVs and home automation. As a result, we will sell through our existing 2006 inventory of MDTV [microdisplay TV] units and not introduce any new models next year.”

The company's 2007 product roadmap is as follows:

2007 HP Flat Panel Televisions

  • HP 1080p LC4276N 42-inch LCD TV
  • HP 1080p LC4776N 47-inch LCD TV
  • HP 720p LC3272N 32-inch LCD TV
  • HP 720p LC3772N 37-inch LCD TV
  • HP 720p LC4272N 42-inch LCD TV
  • HP PL4272N 42-inch plasma TV
  • HP PL5072N 50-inch plasma TV

2007 MediaSmart Televisions

  • HP 1080p 42-inch SL4278N MediaSmart LCD TV
  • HP 1080p 47-inch SL4778N MediaSmart LCD TV

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RE: A bit early...
By Snoop on 1/5/2007 10:10:40 AM , Rating: 2
I was impressed by my friends 50" Samsung DLP, that was until I bought a 50" Plasma, which just smokes the samsung on PQ, viewing angle, and odviously the size.

RE: A bit early...
By bigboxes on 1/5/2007 10:41:13 AM , Rating: 3
The mirrors, the mirrors... what about the mirrors?! LOL


RE: A bit early...
By glennpratt on 1/5/2007 5:58:09 PM , Rating: 2
Please, more like RIP rear projection. DLP is still awesome. Their will never be a 70 ft plasma or LCD at your local cinema.

RE: A bit early...
By theslug on 1/5/2007 10:46:34 AM , Rating: 3
Do plasmas still suffer from burn-in problems or having to recharge it after 5 years or so?

RE: A bit early...
By theslug on 1/5/2007 11:02:29 AM , Rating: 2
Nevermind - just read the whole recharging thing is bogus.

RE: A bit early...
By Dustin25 on 1/5/2007 12:27:57 PM , Rating: 2
Good, welcome to the 90's slug. j/k

RE: A bit early...
By Aikouka on 1/5/2007 11:59:32 AM , Rating: 2
I like my Samsung 46" DLP more than my mom's 42" Samsung Plasma. At least my blacks don't look green :P. Plasmas do tend to look the crispest of all HDTVs that I've seen and I do think the 50" Samsung is a bit different from the 42" that I've personally worked with. I know I saw it in CC and it looked like quite the amazing set. If it wasn't around 2.5k, I may've picked that one up instead ;). For bang for the buck... I think DLP is probably the best though. My set only costs $1250 at Circuit City and it's so lightweight and great to use. I know I was a bit surprised to see the 42" plasma weighing about twice as much as the larger DLP.

This announcement was kind of awkward for me, because I didn't even know that HP made TVs... do they even sell them in stores?

RE: A bit early...
By therealnickdanger on 1/5/2007 12:26:36 PM , Rating: 2
This announcement was kind of awkward for me, because I didn't even know that HP made TVs...

That's most likely the real reason behind them bowing out. Samsung PDPs aren't the best, the tend to oversaturate colors - which makes them stand out in the store.

RE: A bit early...
By kkwst2 on 1/6/2007 2:37:56 PM , Rating: 2
Try a Panasonic or Pioneer plasma. In the size range you're talking about, the price differential is not that great, and in my opinion, the PQ difference is significant.

The main real advantage of DLP in this size range is the resolution (1080 vs. 720), which is primarily an issue if you want to hook it up as a monitor as well as a TV.

Bigger plasmas are starting to appear in 1080, although certainly at a premium.

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