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Analysts and investors begin favoring AMD over Intel thanks to excellent growth and products

Forbes is reporting that according to both technology advances and market share gains, AMD is expected to shoot past Intel in company performance and growth from now into 2007. AMD over the last couple of quarters has performed superbly, with good pricing and even better product offerings. Market share has risen significantly and even AMD's stock has jumped from about 36 points to 41 points within a week. Intel's price per share remains around 21 points.

Analysts are also predicting that Intel will not have the ability to catch up to AMD until Intel releases products on new 45nm fabrication processes, which isn't expected until 2008 claims Forbes. We reported earlier that AMD is transitioning its Fab 36 in Dresden to mass produce its next generation processors (both dual-core and quad-core) on a 65nm process. Intel on the other hand, has demonstrated that it has successfully started working on 45nm technology but its main production will be 65nm through to 2008.

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By tjr508 on 2/1/2006 1:40:35 PM , Rating: 2
Ever since Intel threw in the performance flag and stated that they would focus on performance per watt, I have heard it repeated by nearly every Intel fan on the forums.

Just read this post and see how many people are repeating "performance per watt"

Some fellow a couple posts up mentioned AMD will be dealt a major blow in Q3-06 or so when intel desktops will have better performance per watt

my beef
1. Was this even an issue before intel started shoving it down our faces?
2. Has anyone found an athlon64 chip that even remotely benefits by adding a super expencive cooling solution vs a modest $35 one? I haven't. (My point is AMD has years to go before they can pervert their platform to the extent of the p4)
3. As far as desktops are concerned, isn't "performance without major thermal problems" a better platform than "performance per watt"?

By Gelde3001 on 2/2/2006 3:03:10 AM , Rating: 2
Intel do have an excemplary marketing team - not as good as Sony's reality fantasists, Intel may well be comparable for this year now and certainly wont be loosing much to amd anytime soon until 64-bits does become a real issue and not more marketing. That time though will see intel and amd with 64bit cpu's and then it will be up to amd to show they can actually make and sell more cpu's on merit rather than government subsidies. From the business standpoint amd have gotten off life support with the A64 series but they arent exactly annoying intel yet. As for the lawsuit - well amd have messed up now by charging as much if not more than intel for equivelent cpu's as this will seriously hurt their fair pricing claim against intel etc.

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