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Analysts and investors begin favoring AMD over Intel thanks to excellent growth and products

Forbes is reporting that according to both technology advances and market share gains, AMD is expected to shoot past Intel in company performance and growth from now into 2007. AMD over the last couple of quarters has performed superbly, with good pricing and even better product offerings. Market share has risen significantly and even AMD's stock has jumped from about 36 points to 41 points within a week. Intel's price per share remains around 21 points.

Analysts are also predicting that Intel will not have the ability to catch up to AMD until Intel releases products on new 45nm fabrication processes, which isn't expected until 2008 claims Forbes. We reported earlier that AMD is transitioning its Fab 36 in Dresden to mass produce its next generation processors (both dual-core and quad-core) on a 65nm process. Intel on the other hand, has demonstrated that it has successfully started working on 45nm technology but its main production will be 65nm through to 2008.

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By hans007 on 1/31/2006 5:16:31 PM , Rating: 2
this is just a classic wall street pump and dump. sure amd is doing great now.

but when june comes around and core duo is all over the place, and the conroe is out on the desktop with more performance per watt than AMD and a die half the size at 65nm while AMD spends another year probably getting theirs working completely right, analysts will be saying that intel is undervalued this and that, and that AMD's PE ratio isnt commesurate with their stock price.

this is how this game is played. Intel will flood the market with chips at 65nm and their lower production costs etc. Unless AMD has some brand new super low power architecture up their sleeves all the hyper transport in the world will not make a difference for people with computer that only have 1 cpu anyway.

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By Viditor on 1/31/2006 9:22:51 PM , Rating: 3

1. AMD was demonstrating their working 65nm CPUs in sept of last year. At this point, not only are they ready for volume production, but AMD is reporting some very good yields already. They are expected to begin volume production next quarter in order to build inventory for the launch later this year.

2. Conroe will be nowhere near half the size, in fact it will be closer to the same size or larger than the A64 at 90nm because of the much larger cache

3. As to performance/watt, if Intel even comes close to AMD on this metric they will have succeeded beyond their wildest dream. It's quite doubtful that this will happen (certainly not on the first Conroe chips) anytime soon.

4. Turion X2 is out in April, so it will be quite the horserace in the mobile sector...

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