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Analysts and investors begin favoring AMD over Intel thanks to excellent growth and products

Forbes is reporting that according to both technology advances and market share gains, AMD is expected to shoot past Intel in company performance and growth from now into 2007. AMD over the last couple of quarters has performed superbly, with good pricing and even better product offerings. Market share has risen significantly and even AMD's stock has jumped from about 36 points to 41 points within a week. Intel's price per share remains around 21 points.

Analysts are also predicting that Intel will not have the ability to catch up to AMD until Intel releases products on new 45nm fabrication processes, which isn't expected until 2008 claims Forbes. We reported earlier that AMD is transitioning its Fab 36 in Dresden to mass produce its next generation processors (both dual-core and quad-core) on a 65nm process. Intel on the other hand, has demonstrated that it has successfully started working on 45nm technology but its main production will be 65nm through to 2008.

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Intel and 45 nano what a joke !
By Beenthere on 1/31/2006 12:53:05 PM , Rating: -1
Nice that Wall Street has caught up to what the rest of the PC industry has known for the past (4) years... Simply amazing how out of touch Wall Street really is with what is happening in the industry!

And Intel has demonstrated that their 90 nano shrink was defective and that their 65 nano shrink is defective as it consumes as much power as their 90 nano products Ferchrissake. So while Intel is talking JIIVE about their future 45 nano tech, AMD is delivering the goods and stealing Intel's lunch.

End of story.

RE: Intel and 45 nano what a joke !
By Questar on 1/31/2006 12:57:11 PM , Rating: 1
Wow, you're such an idiot.

Has Intel EVER said their process shrinks were for power reasons?


Intel produced hundreds of millions of chips at 90nm. They will produce hundreds of millions at 65nm.

Not defective at all.

By killerroach on 1/31/2006 3:58:12 PM , Rating: 2
Actually, Intel said one of the biggest reasons for the switch to 65nm was for power reasons, and Apple continues to tout the performance-to-watt ratio of the 65nm Core Duo as one of the main selling points for their new iMacs. And yes, they are using less power than their 90nm brethren... however, a Pentium 4 on the 65nm process still uses quite a bit more power than a 90nm Athlon 64 (although it's no longer that the Athlon uses less power at full load than the P4 does at idle... the 65nm chips beat that by a couple of watts).

RE: Intel and 45 nano what a joke !
By Samus on 2/1/2006 4:02:25 AM , Rating: 2
Wow, your such an idiot Questar. Why else do you think these companies favor die shrinks? Because its cheaper?

Financially speaking, die shrinks barely pay for themselves in production savings these days, because the cost of the die shrink R&D takes years to break even on, and by then, they're usually on another die shrink migration again.

It's like buying a Hybrid. It takes 6 years for the average american driver to break even on the gas savings because they're so expensive. Chances are within the next 6 years your going to migrate to a new car anyway.

The die shrinks exist exclusively for power savings and higher yeald production (my cores per waffer, which is important to AMD only, because they have limited facilities and need more output.)

RE: Intel and 45 nano what a joke !
By Mithan on 1/31/2006 1:06:39 PM , Rating: 2
Nice that Wall Street has caught up to what the rest of the PC industry has known for the past (4) years... Simply amazing how out of touch Wall Street really is with what is happening in the industry!

Not really, they are reporting that Intel wont be able to catch up until 2008 however many people "in the know" are reporting that Intel may surpass AMD performance wise with their new cores being released in Q3/Q4 so the point is, the Analysts are still just a clueless even though they finally caught on that AMD is a great company with great products.

By Maximilian on 1/31/2006 1:47:46 PM , Rating: 2
Whereas we knew that 2 years ago.

RE: Intel and 45 nano what a joke !
By Viditor on 1/31/2006 1:54:52 PM , Rating: 1
Actually, most people who are "in the know" expect AMD to continue their domination of performance through at least the first half of 2007, probably 2008. Intel's new core is certainly a step in the right direction, but
1. most people are dubious that the 4-issue core (which is their main advantage) will be able to be utilized to it's full extent.
2. Realise that in the server sector, the FSB will still be a bottleneck
3. Note that while AMD has made only modest gains in the mobile sector (from ~3% to ~15% in the last year), the Turion X2 being released in April will use DDR2 and use the new SiGe process, thus decreasing it's power usage to at least that of Yonah (and it will be 64 bit compared to Yonah's 32 bit).
4. Also note that 64 bit Vista is due for Gold release in October
5. The new SiGe process will allow AMD's desktop parts to exceed 3 GHz this year, even at 90nm
6. AMD's 65nm parts will start to ship in Q3/Q4

Intel may come close to catching up, but they won't take the crown again until well into 2007...if at all.

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