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BackupHDDVD may be this generations DeCSS

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It hasn’t been completely verified yet, but a user named "muslix64" has posted an exploit in a thread on the Doom9 forum claiming he has been able to circumvent AACS, the encoding format used to protect HD DVD and Blu-ray content.

"Muslix64" claims to have completely backed up an HD DVD movie and provides a Rapidshare link to download BackupHDDVD, a small Java-based utility that aids users to backup their HD DVDs. A YouTube link to see the program in action has also been posted.

"Muslix64" describes the utility as "a java based command line utility that decrypt video files (.evo) from a HD DVD disk that you own, to your hard drive and you can play them back with a HD DVD player software."

Although much of the dirty work in backing up an HD DVD movie is done by the tool, users are still required to find their own cryptographic keys for the disc being copied. No guidance is provided to help users find the keys but the author suggests the process is trivial, which suggests some exploit in the player software or hardware exists as the keys are not meant to be easily obtained.

Although the exploit hasn’t been completely confirmed yet, if it turns out to be true it could mean a number of things. For one, it is possible that we might start seeing pirated HD DVD content. In addition, since Blu-ray also uses AACS, we might see a similar crack be released for Blu-ray movies in the next couple of weeks.

"Muslix64" claims the tool works on his XBOX 360 external HD DVD player, but that the software should not be limited to just one specific player.

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Bring it on...!
By Senju on 12/28/2006 11:39:22 PM , Rating: 1
I will not look into HD or Blueray until all the HW and software tools are organized so I can rip them to my HDD or burn it on a HD disk. I save so much money by just going to my nearby DVD rental store, pick up a favorite movie, rip it, burn it and return the rental DVD in about 30 minutes. Now I have it for my libary and rip it again and send them to my friends as gifts. :D Again, I will not move to HD content until these tools are there! But it looks like we are getting closer! :D

RE: Bring it on...!
By michal1980 on 12/29/06, Rating: -1
RE: Bring it on...!
By zombiexl on 12/29/2006 12:12:50 PM , Rating: 2
Did you really just admit to illegal activities on a public forum?

You can brag all you want about what you do, but doing so on a public forum is just retarded.

RE: Bring it on...!
By slash196 on 1/1/2007 10:26:36 PM , Rating: 2
I highly doubt the MPAA is going to go to the trouble of tracing one post on one random tech news site, and even if they did, they still wouldn't have any actual proof of wrongdoing.

As for the whole size issue: when DVDs were first introduced, it was equally implausible for DVD rips to be sent over the internet. Now it's commonplace. Give it a few years, we're all waiting anyway for the format wars to end.

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