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A small number of A530s and A540s run the risk of short-circuit

Canon is recalling a small number of PowerShot A530 and A540 digital cameras that run the risk of short-circuit which leads to overheating. Affected cameras can suffer from extremely hot battery doors and drastically reduced battery life.

Canon warns that the spring that holds the battery door on affected camera can become so hot that it could possibly cause burns.

The PowerShot A530 and A540 cameras affected by the recall have serial numbers that start with "21", "22", "23" and "24". The serial number can be found at the bottom of the camera. Canon will repair all models affected by the recall free of charge no matter if the camera is in warranty or not.

To make arrangements to have your camera repaired, customers are urged to contact Canon's toll-free call center at 1-800-828-4040.

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Looks like Canon is acting responsibly to me
By Beenthere on 12/27/2006 5:40:30 PM , Rating: -1
Hey they have notified the media so as to alert the public to the problem and they are doing unconditional repair or replacement. That's what a responsible company does. Pretending the problem doesn't exist and hoping it goes away, is what an irresponsible company does.

RE: Looks like Canon is acting responsibly to me
By jp7189 on 12/28/2006 11:09:40 AM , Rating: 1
Isn't DailyTech the "media"? The fact that they admit the problem and will repair free of charge outside the normal warranty sounds responsible to me.

By jp7189 on 12/28/2006 11:17:29 AM , Rating: 2
Disregard that last one.. I read the comment above wrong.

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