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Nintendo must have seen this coming

As was bound to happen, law firm Green Welling LLP filed a nationwide class action lawsuit on behalf of the owners of the Nintendo Wii against Nintendo of America. The class action lawsuit contends that the Nintendo Wii is defective in nature due to the wrist strap for the remote.

The statement from the firm says that Nintendo is in the wrong as owners of the Nintendo Wii who supposedly followed the material that accompanied the Wii console experienced broken wrist strap causing the remote to leave the user’s hand. The lawsuit seeks an injunction that requires Nintendo to correct the defect and to provide a refund to the purchaser or to replace the defective Wii remote.

“Nintendo’s failure to include a remote that is free from defects is in breach of Nintendo’s own product warranty,” the statement reads. “The class action lawsuit seeks to enjoin Nintendo from continuing its unfair or deceptive business practices as it relates to the Nintendo Wii.”

The class action lawsuit now awaits approval from a judge. Nintendo has already responded to wrist strap worries with stronger materials and safety reminders. Last week Nintendo started offering free wrist strap replacements for all Nintendo Wii owners, allowing its users to upgrade to the safer and hopefully less accident-prone equipment.

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By SamF on 12/20/2006 10:10:07 AM , Rating: 3
By the way, here's their email address, in case people want to blast them to their faces instead of only on forums:

RE: email
By mydogfarted on 12/20/2006 10:34:24 AM , Rating: 2
Well played sir. Perhaps we can flood their mail server and make it look like a DoS attack!

Ok, not really, but it made me feel better saying it!

RE: email
By borowki on 12/20/2006 11:58:30 AM , Rating: 2
That's highly ill-advised. It can be construed as harassment and intimidation.

RE: email
By Master Kenobi on 12/20/2006 1:28:43 PM , Rating: 1
You must be new the the industry. We call it E-Mail Bombing. And it can be done the same way Spam is done. Spoof the IP, Bounce it off different distribution servers, and spoof the sender line. Works every time.

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