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Up to 40-percent in some cases

During AMD's Analyst Day today, the company announced several news bits concerning its LIVE! initiative. One of the highlights day was AMD's announcement that it's LIVE! platform was doing much better than Intel's Viiv, at least in retail sales. According to figures obtained from retailers nationwide, AMD LIVE! computers were outperforming Viiv PCs anywhere from 5-percent to 40-percent in the most recent week of December.

This figure does not include information from direct-to-customer sales, such as that from Dell, which arguably constitutes a major portion of Intel Viiv sales.  The data also was only polled from U.S. vendors and did not take into account Viiv or LIVE! sales in HTPC hot-spots like Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

The platform has seen a huge push by AMD in the last quarter of 2006, especially after the company completed the purchase of ATI Technologies. One of the key aspects of LIVE! was to integrate all major components together. For Intel, this was easy as it has been developing both processors and chipsets for years for various markets. With AMD and ATI now one, AMD is definitely taking advantage of ATI's chipset portfolio and expertise.

AMD's strategy with LIVE! going forward addresses a few key areas for the company:
  • Leveraging chipset designs (ATI)
  • Reinforce AMD as the "smarter choice"
  • Market LIVE! as a better media experience
  • Associate strongly with Microsoft's Vista
  • Invest more into digital-home solutions and products
  • Develop more partnerships with HD content providers
Analysts are seeing that AMD is leading the trend for home-theater focused computers. The company has strong partnerships and just recently announced its QuadFX platform. Besides LIVE!, AMD is doing well in other areas of its business as well. According to its financial reports, AMD's market share is doubling year after year.

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By Sharikou180 on 12/14/2006 8:23:23 PM , Rating: 2
Basically, any AMD based desktop with an X2 CPU, Windows MCE and 1 GB of memory can be branded an AMD Live system. While Viiv brings CE features like instant on/off, easy network connectivity, specific hardware configurations that must be met and access to exclusive streaming content.

This is nothing but a marketing tactic from AMD.

RE: Huh!!!
By Goty on 12/14/2006 10:59:14 PM , Rating: 2
Got anything to back that up?

RE: Huh!!!
RE: Huh!!!
By Goty on 12/15/2006 12:03:51 AM , Rating: 3
Ok, so the ONLY difference between the two platforms (other than the fact that the Viiv platform must use all Intel components) is the "Quick Resume Technology driver" on the Viiv platform, and that's not even required for all chipsets.

Also, if you look at this feature, all it does is turn the monitor/TV off, disables the keyboard and mutes the sound.

Another interesting thing to note is the fact that the AMD Live! requires a DVD±RW optical drive while the Intel Viiv platform does not. You could sell a PC with absolutely no DVD playback capabilities and still label it as a Viiv system.

It seems that Intel actually has the more relaxed guidelines.

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs
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