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To make 45nm process manufacturing easier: just add water

Intel has said on multiple occasions that its 45nm process is on track for production 2007. In fact, Intel began sampling its Penryn 45nm chips just several weeks ago. At the IEDM, IBM and AMD described three technologies that hope to compete with Intel’s 45nm development: the use of immersion lithography, which AMD says will “deliver enhanced microprocessor design definition and manufacturing consistency,” ultra-low-K interconnect dielectrics to enhance performance-per-watt ratio and multiple enhanced transistor strain techniques.

Current process technologies use conventional lithography, which has significant limitations in defining microprocessor designs beyond the 65nm process technology generation. Immersion lithography uses a projection lens filled with purified water as part of the step-and-repeat lithography -- think of the same principles applied to immersion microscopy.

Immersion lithography provides increased flow of light, depth of focus and improved image fidelity that can improve chip-level performance and manufacturing efficiency. For example, the performance of an SRAM cell shows improvements of approximately 15 percent due to this enhanced process capability, without resorting to more costly double-exposure techniques.

In addition, AMD and IBM say that the use of porous, ultra-low-K dielectrics reduces interconnect capacitance, wiring delay, as well as lowering power dissipation. This advance is enabled through the development of an ultra-low-K process integration that reduces the dielectric constant of the interconnect dielectric while maintaining the mechanical strength. The addition of ultra-low-K interconnect provides a 15 percent reduction in wiring-related delay as compared to conventional low-K dielectrics.

In spite of the increased packing density of the 45nm generation transistors, IBM and AMD demonstrated multiple enhanced transistor strain techniques that give an 80 per cent increase in p-channel transistor drive current and a 24 per cent increase in n-channel transistor drive current compared to unstrained transistors. The companies claim that their achievement results in the highest CMOS performance reported to date in a 45nm process technology.

In November 2005, AMD and IBM announced an extension of their joint development efforts until 2011 covering 32nm and 22nm process technology generations. AMD and IBM expect the first 45nm products using immersion lithography and ultra-low-K interconnect dielectrics to be available in mid-2008.

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no way! this is not cool!
By starshark666 on 12/15/2006 3:56:59 AM , Rating: 2
ok, here it is... iv been working on a way to make a processor that is verticaly faster then the current 3.4Gz. sorta a project from a friend of mine dared me to do. iv studyed the way that AMD and INTEL have both made their processors and yet both of them where not up to par so i tryed making something better using their philosophy. basicaly i hit the drawing board and made a new found idea that would work well with comunication speeds. well wires are nice but they are slow. using wireless is nice but causes interfearance in the board as many devices on a mother board cause air static. then i found with extreamly low frequency u can travel through air without being effected... now by using this with a custom cut rock (i wont explain it because its mine) inside of the clock you can increase the accuracy but also adjusting the messurment of the clock would cause almost a "stream" effect within the processor. this would almost make the modern today computer look like a bad joke. now the question to me is how much of what i was drawing out was taken by AMD!?!? now dont get me wrong AMD is a good company but for crying out loud i mean jeez... i get a good idea as a 1 man army, start building on it and once again get shot out of the sky because companys like AMD and intel have some petty squavel to settel! i disagree with this thats why im going to make my idea better and make it more efficient so the next time this corperate war wont step on my toes! leason is corperations are evil!

RE: no way! this is not cool!
By starshark666 on 12/15/2006 4:13:15 AM , Rating: 2
and BTW 65NM and 45NM is really not that big of a deal this is old tech stuff that finally got pushed out of the broom closet try a 10NM chip INTEL and AMD are fighting over old tech wow... anyone who thinks this is new stuff should look a bit further into the realm of hardware design. 45NM and 65 NM is a joke no matter how u look at it. still crossing the same old junky wiring accross a chip. i laugh at this... the mission is to not make smaller and smaller but to make something run faster with out jepordising the consumers computer. size of a chip and the mass of it does not matter only the rate of infomation travling accross it.

if you are to blind to see what factors im talking about please dont reply i would not like to have foolish remarks left under my post.

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