Your notebook will soon be able to store more extraneous things than ever

Fujitsu today announced the MHX2300BT series of mobile hard disk drives featuring impressive storage capacities of 250GB and 300GB, making them the first 2.5" PMR hard disk drives in the industry to attain these high levels of capacity.

PMR, or perpendicular magnetic recording technology, is essential to Fujitsu achieving the increased capacity per platter. PMR technology places the data bits standing on end so that more data can fit onto a disc, allowing for greater storage capacity while reducing corruption factor.

Additional benefits of the Fujitsu second-generation PMR products include best-in-class low power consumption at 1.6W, idle power consumption of 0.5W as well as high shock tolerance and near-silent operation. The 4200 RPM drives have a track to track seek time of 1.5ms.

"Due to our strong focus on innovation, Fujitsu remains at the forefront in promoting advanced technologies such as perpendicular recording and SATA, while at the same time continuing to meet the industry's insatiable demand for high-capacity products," said Joel Hagberg, vice president, marketing and business development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America. "Our commitment to R&D has not only spurred the development of the industry's first 2.5" 300GB capacity perpendicular hard disk drive, but it will allow Fujitsu to continue to achieve these aggressive milestones in advance of the rest of the industry."

Just last March, Fujitsu launched the first 2.5" Serial ATA hard disk drive to feature up to 200GB of storage space. The MHX2300BT series will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2007.

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