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Plenty of new video resolution options, but still no fix for those without 720p

SCEA has introduced new features and settings to the PlayStation 3 in the latest firmware update, version 1.30. Among the key updates is support for a Blu-ray Disc remote control and the ability to select the output format for BD/DVD video through an HDMI cable.


The Bluetooth-enabled remote control will be available at retail later this month for $24.99, relegating the SIXAXIS controller to gaming duties. Also, to suit your TV's specification, you can now select the video output format (automatic, RGB, or Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) for Blu-ray disc playback using an HDMI cable. Other updates part of version 1.30 includes the following:


  • Selecting video output resolution has changed, allowing you to choose all the resolutions supported by the TV. The video will automatically be displayed at the maximum resolution possible, according to the following order: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, Standard (480i NTSC). This change does nothing to fix the upscaling issue, and could possibly annoy those who wish to stay in 720p mode.
  • Backup utility has been added as a feature under System Settings, enabling you to back up your PS3's hard disk data to storage media or restore data from storage media to the hard disk. This could be useful for those who wish to upgrade their hard drives.
  • USB peripherals designed for PlayStation 2 titles, including steering wheels and flight sticks, can now be used when playing PS2 games on the PS3 system. Sadly, the Guitar Hero controller still does not work with the PS3.

To install the latest system software on your PS3 system, you can select the System Update feature, use a PC to download the update data and transfer it to the PS3 system through storage media or a USB mass storage device, or install it using update data included on a game disc.

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RE: They got one thing right!
By phir3 on 12/7/2006 10:21:19 AM , Rating: -1
Dood .. Microsoft has several devices and software for backing up your HD. You can buy the hardware from bestbuy for as little as 19.99 and get the software free on the web. Maybe its YOU that should pay attention.

Sony update .. big deal. They still haven't fixed the 720p issue and who cares if you can use your old PS2 equipment ONLY when playing old PS2 games? Who seriously pays this much money for a console so that they can play old games? I had given away or traded in all my old Xbox games (except Halo and H2 of course) within 2 weeks of purchasing the 360. Sony has a long long way to go before they make up for all the mistakes with this console .. if they can make it up at all.

By therealnickdanger on 12/7/2006 2:12:07 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, because MS wants to promote pirating Live Arcade games.

How would this allow for pirating Live Arcade games? There are methods of reading/copying the HDD that have been out for a long time and there's no method yet to "pirate" XBLA games... You could only play them on Xbox360s anyway, unless someone goes through the trouble of making an arcade/Xbox360 emulator-emulator. Why do that when you can have MAME and a selection of thousands more titles than are currently available on XBLA?
Maybe its YOU that should pay attention.

I'm fully aware of the methods currently available to back up my HDD, what I want is a menu option in the dashboard that says, "Back-up HDD to PC/External Storage Device" so that I don't have to deal with third-party software and devices or run the risk of violating warranty/EULA. Being able to connect a USB HDD or transfer files over the network should be a feature. I applaud Sony for including this as a feature. It wouldn't suprise me if Microsoft allows for such transfers in the future via Vista.

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