Yahoo and Reuters are the latest organizations to launch a service that allows people to contribute photos and videos

With hundreds of millions of people having access to camera phones that are able to take high-quality photos and videos, Reuters and Yahoo want your participation.  Yahoo and Reuters are inviting users to submit photos and videos for possible publication in a new project launching later today.  You Witness News, the program which will allow users to unofficially become photojournalists, will publish content on and Yahoo News, the site that comScore MediaMetrix says is the most popular news web site in the United States.  

Reuters plans on distributing some of the submitted content to print, broadcast and online media outlets.  Even though the focus of the service will originally surround news, You Witness may solicit contributions for entertainment, sports and content that fits other subsections of the site.

BBC recently launched Your News, a service that features user-generated material only.  CBC will also allow citizens to upload video and pictures of news events to the news organization's Vancouver news bureau.

News organizations across the world often times rely on amateur videos and photos during coverage of major events such as the Asian tsunami and Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

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