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Samsung will provide the panels and will launch its own displays alongside

Samsung Electronics said that it has signed a long-term contract to provide Dell with 27-inch LCD panels, according to DigiTimes’ reading of a Korean publication. Both companies will launch 27-inch panels in 2007, and the panels can also be used as televisions.


Samsung’s projected specifications for its upcoming 27-inch panel features a 1920 x 1200 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 500 cd/m2 and a response time of 8 ms grey-to-grey. See the full specs here.


Dell last month introduced a 20.1-inch widescreen LCD for $289. Samsung has also been making strides in other display technologies, as it recently revealed the world’s thinnest mobile LCD screen and just before that a 12mm thick AMOLED display.

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RE: I'd prefer a 20" 1920x1200, or a 27" 2560x1600
By Odeen on 12/3/2006 11:02:18 AM , Rating: 4
I'm going to disagree with you on a few points.

First off: Most people over the age of 30 have a hard enough time reading normal 10- or 12-point font from a 19" screen running 1280x1024. .29mm dot pitch is too small.

Take a look around any modern workplace - you'll see people using 17" and 19" 1280x1024 flat panels at 1024x768 resolution simply because 1280x1024 is illegible to them.

Large fonts are not a solution because they do not work with some software and some controls. For instance, AOL warns you straight out that it doesn't work with large fonts. Norton Internet Security has fixed window sizing, and controls simply disappear off the page with large fonts.

.30mm or higher dot pitch would let more people run their screens at sharp native resolution.

The other point you mention is about having to sit further away negating the effect of a larger screen. This is also incorrect.

The human eye is built in such a way that focusing muscles contract to focus on objects close by, and relax when focusing on faraway objects. That's why one of the easiest (and best) things you can do to relax your eyes is to stare off into the horizon. Focusing on infinity lets the eyes relax completely.

By putting the monitor further away, you ease the load on the eye muscles that no longer have to focus quite up close.

A side benefit of larger dot pitch is the reduction of pixel borders size. If you look closely at the screen, you'll notice that each pixel is surrounded by a black border. But, if you grow the pixel sizes, you don't have to grow that border. So, a monitor with larger pixels will have comparatively less black grid between the lit up pixels, reducing the "screen door effect" that some LCD's suffer from.

So, big screens = good
Bigger panel sizes with same resolution = good, to a point.
High resolutions: Useful in limited cases. I upgraded from a 20" 4x3 1600x1200 monitor (.255mm dot pitch) to a 24" 16x10 1920x1200 monitor (.27mm dot pitch) and it made things easier on the eyes.

By VPN on 12/30/2006 12:59:30 AM , Rating: 2
Well you should wait for Windows Vista since then you can scale the GUI at will and thus use 300dpi LCD if you wish.

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