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SAIT and Samsung take fuel cell miniaturization to a new level

SAIT and Samsung SDI have showcased the world's smallest fuel cell mobile devices charger. The unit features an output level of 2W and has charging times that are just 1/5 that of its closest competitors. The mobile charging unit has already completed 200 successful continuous charges and is near-ready for commercialization.

The charger itself is just 5mm thick and weighs just 5.3 ounces. The mobile charger features user-replaceable methanol cartridges to recharge the battery system in your PDA, cell phone, digital camera or PMP.

SAIT has filed over 20 international patents for its hybrid charging method that allows users to operate their mobile phone or PDA while charging. Overall, the company has garnered over 120 patents for the fuel cell charger.

"Though we still need to solve ‘going smaller and sturdier’ issues, I think that we have made a technical quantum leap in commercialization. Within 2~3 years, the fuel cells including those for laptops currently in development with Samsung SDI will be widely used as it is forecasted to acquire a stable market with lower price lines," said Dr. Hyuk Chang, VP of SAIT.

Fuel cell technology has been advancing at a rapid pace in the tech industry. Nokia has already claimed that fuel cell-powered cell phones are just a few years away. Also, Toshiba has made great strides to reduce the size and increase the power output of fuel cells suitable for notebook computers and PMPs.

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RE: Cells to nowhere
By Merry on 11/30/2006 11:34:00 AM , Rating: 2
Is a deodorant spray not both flammable and pressurised? I cant recall not being allowed to pack those in my luggage (for the hold that is)

I'm pretty sure they would have to standardise the containers and have some sort of safety 'rules' before mass production could take place anyhow, that said i doubt a tiny wee container of methanol would bring a plane down.

And what about li-ion batteries, surely they are just as dangerous?

RE: Cells to nowhere
By bldckstark on 11/30/2006 12:06:01 PM , Rating: 4
Well... If I reverse the polarity and consolidate the ion beam I might be able to create a temporal flux capacitor! Right Scotty? Hey, Scotty... Oh right he's dead. Damnit, Jim, I'm a forum poster, not an obit writer.

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere." -- Isaac Asimov
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