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It's getting here, slowly

It's been delayed more than three months, but we just got word from DFI that the LANParty UT RD600-T2R/G will officially launch on December 15, 2006.  Distributors expect the MSRP to be around $220.

We first published images of the board back in October of this year.  Earlier today images of the board were posted on the net that do not represent the final design.  We've been told these images are either fake or of an early prototype.  The images DailyTech published earlier this year are also of the final design.

DFI claims this will be the last ATI/AMD chipset for an Intel motherboard -- at least as far as its roadmaps are concerned.  No other major OEM brand has picked up the chipset for channel sales.  This likely has contributed to its delay as well.

Additionally, we've also received word that DFI has an nForce 680i motherboard in the works. This board is not expected to launch until January, but it will be a significantly different design than the
nForce 680i reference boards.

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Looks like it has some promise to it...
By Witchfire on 11/29/2006 10:48:17 AM , Rating: 2
If they used a similiar design concept to the 3200 Crossfire AMD northbridge, it probably doesn't need anything more than a passive heatsink. I think that one only put out about 7 watts of heat, if memory serves me.

Anyone have any info on how the PCIe lanes are arranged? x16 + x16 + x4? x16 + x16 + x16? Or is it limited to x8 + x8 in Crossfire mode? What about RAID options?

As with all new-to-market DFI boards, I'll probably wait for this one to mature through the first few BIOS releases. DFI makes some stellar hardware, but their track record for releasing them bug-free isn't that great.

By Warren21 on 11/29/2006 12:49:00 PM , Rating: 2
I do believe it is x16 + x16 + x4 at the least (x16 + x16 CrossFire eventhough some rumour sites say x8 + x8), thought the last slot may even be x8 (electrical) if they added some more lanes on the RD600 since RD580 (you are correct, this is almost identical to the AMD 580X chipset AKA. ATI RD580).

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