Wii works wonders while we work Wimbledon
Gamers getting more exercise than they bargained for with new Nintendo console

A generation after "Nintendo Thumb" became the popular ailment among young gamers, Nintendo's new Wii console has quickly - and painfully - ushered in a new series of aches, pains, and general malease.

The Wall Street Journal, and postings all over the Internet, are reporting that a large number of Wii players are getting a decent workout from swinging the Wii's motion-sensitive controller around their living rooms, and paying the price the next day. Given that the included Wii Sports with the console encourages players to mimic the motions of real athletes, it's not surprising that players would "hurt" themselves in similar fashions - sore backs from bobbing and weaving in boxing, aching shoulders from playing baseball, and of course, tennis elbow.

Rochester, Minnesota resident Jeremy Scherer found himself "using muscles I hadn't used in a while" during a three-hour session of Wii Sports with his wife. Thankfully Mr. Scherer's wife fared better than the fiancée of a New York resident who received the business end of a Wii Remote during a game of tennis with her betrothed. The family dog also suffered a bump during a spirited frame of bowling.

While gamers may be complaining amongst themselves and to others, Nintendo hasn't heard anything directly. "If people are finding themselves sore, they may need to exercise more," says Perrin Kaplan, a Nintendo spokewoman, adding that it is possible to play Wii games without leaving the couch.

Various videos of Wii players "getting into the game" are available at Nintendo's website for those reader who aren't lucky enough to own a Wii themselves.

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