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World nations inject $12.8-billion USD into the project

The Globe and Mail reports this week that the ITER nuclear fusion project has been approved for $12.8-billion USD. Although the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) has been in the planning and development stages for more than ten years, it is well supported by most of the world's leading countries that include the U.S., China, India, Russia, Japan, South Korea and the European Union.

DailyTech previously reported that the ITER project last met in Belgium, where the project was discussed for international support and funding. The main goal of the ITER project is to counter the effects of global warming and other environmentally harmful waste products that result from using fossil fuels. According to the ITER group, a nuclear fusion reactor will be able to produce energy by harnessing the same source of power that gives life to the sun.

The approval of the ITER project was accomplished at the Elysee Palace in Paris, where French president Jacques Chirac noted that "the growing shortage of resources and the battle against global warming demand a revolution in our ways of production and consumption." Many of the world leaders and leading scientists believe that nuclear fusion will be one of the primary sources of energy by the end of the century.

The first ITER reactor will be built in Cadarache, Provence. According to the report, the European Union will be funding 50-percent of the project while the remaining countries will each fund roughly 10-percent. The reactor is expected to create some 10,000 new jobs and take roughly eight years to build. 400 scientists around the world will manage the reactor and a demonstration power plant using nuclear fusion will be up and running by 2040.

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By ADDAvenger on 11/24/2006 6:04:21 PM , Rating: 2
Chernobyl was the result of a crappy design plus badly trained operators. Basically as the reactor got hotter, it went faster which made it hotter until it melted. Nowadays all of everbody's reactors cool off as the reaction increases speed, which keeps the system in check. It doesn't mean you can just forget about it and it'll take care of itself, but it's far easier to control. Also, Chernobyl didn't even have a containment building, if they had, even with the screwups they did have, no radiation would have been released.

By Goty on 11/24/2006 11:26:22 PM , Rating: 2
The whole story I've always known about Chernobyl was that numerous safeguards were bypassed for an experiment that pretty much screwed everything over.

By Comdrpopnfresh on 11/25/2006 1:17:55 AM , Rating: 2
actually each country decides how their reactors work. In the US, all our reactors have a negative coefficient of reactivity, but russia's still have a positive coefficient of reactivity. the difference is that ones with a negative coefficient must be constantly adjusted to keep the reactor critical, and ones with a positive coefficient must be throttled back to keep from the reaction going off at unsafe rates. ones with a negative coefficient are safer because untouched, they will turn themselves off. The main problem with Chernobyl was that it was too big, and the technology didn't exist to change it using few people/ It needed lots of people monitoring lots of crappy gauges to adjust and determine it's state. It was so complicated that when a problem arose they couldn't determine where it is right away, let alone getting to it quickly, as all the primary and secondary systems are radioactive.

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