Cooled by Zalman

Sapphire today announced the latest addition to its Ultimate Edition product lineup—the Sapphire Ultimate X1950 Pro. The Sapphire Ultimate X1950 Pro features cooling by Zalman and higher clock rates than regular X1950 Pro cards. Keeping the X1950 Pro silent is a customized Zalman VF900-Cu with Sapphire branding and blue LED lighting. Cooling the memory and power regulators are accompanying Zalman heatsinks.

With a Zalman cooling system Sapphire is able to clock the Ultimate X1950 Pro GPU at 580 MHz instead of the ATI default at575 MHz. Joining the slight GPU clock increase is faster video memory. Instead of the regular 690 MHz memory the Sapphire Ultimate X1950 Pro is equipped with 800 MHz GDDR3 on a 256-bit interface. While some manufacturers have opted to equipt its X1950 Pro based cards with 512Mb of video memory, Sapphire is sticking with 256MB on its Ultimate X1950 Pro.

Additional features of the Sapphire Ultimate X1950 Pro include HDCP compatibility, dual dual-link DVI outputs, TV-out and a PCI Express x16 interface.

Availability of the Sapphire Ultimate X1950 Pro is expected next week with an M.S.R.P. of $229 USD.

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