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Environmentally friendly with 80% efficiency

Antec today announced it has started shipping its environmentally friendly EarthWatts power supply. The EarthWatts power supplies reduce energy consumption and 80 PLUS compliant. This is the latest rating system for energy efficiency. EarthWatts power supplies increase power efficiency to 80% over the 70-75% of other power supplies currently available. These power supplies are also RoHS compliant and feature no lead or mercury in the production. Lastly on the environmental friendly feature list, EarthWatts power supplies use active PFC to reduce electrical waste.

Antec claims: "As consumers take action to protect the environment, Antec encourages everyone to look for solutions that help conserve energy and eliminate waste and pollution," said Scott Richards, senior vice president for Antec.
"EarthWatts is our most energy efficient design, and it provides users with the power and stability they have come to expect from Antec products. With the 80 PLUS certification, EarthWatts is leading the way in reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment."

Three EarthWatts models are available—380W, 430W and 500W. EarthWatts power supplies are ATX12V 2.2 compatible and feature a single 80mm. The single 80mm fan is a low noise unit. Included connectors on EarthWatts power supplies include four SATA, dual  12V and one PCIe. Pricing on EarthWatts power supplies range from $64.95 for the 380W to $99.95 for the 500W models.

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RE: What's new?
By JNo on 11/21/2006 10:15:50 AM , Rating: 2
the other half of the issue is that appliances that use electricity are much, much less harmful to the environment than automobiles or other technologies that require the burning of fossil fuels.

er.. but the electricity used to power electrical devices is generated from fossil fuel power stations! So you have an extra layer of inefficiency compared to a fuel burning car! (Especially in the US where environmental issues go out the window). Am not saying that we should have internal combustion powered computers though (lol).

RE: What's new?
By RandomFool on 11/21/2006 10:29:14 AM , Rating: 2
You can get 100% green energy in some places for a couple pennies more.

RE: What's new?
By mindless1 on 11/22/2006 2:04:17 AM , Rating: 2
There is no such thing as 100% green energy, unless you can manage to pull a vine into your window and have lightning strike it. Otherwise, there's always the equipment, infrastructure, customer support, maintenance, etc.

RE: What's new?
By YanBiz on 11/22/2006 7:39:34 PM , Rating: 2
er.. but the electricity used to power electrical devices is generated from fossil fuel power stations! So you have an extra layer of inefficiency compared to a fuel burning car!

This is true, however power stations create energy much more efficiently then a car or a house hold scale generator.
If only we go all nuclear power, if only we could just ship our unusable nuclear waste towards the sun - eventually it would be consumed and completely destroyed causing no harm to anyone.
Just my humble opinion.

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