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"You know, Sony can make 80,000 bricks, and people would buy them."

With Microsoft having just completed development on two major software releases and having recently secured a partnership with Novell on Suse Linux, Bill Gates surely has a lot to talk about. CNET's Ina Fried was able to interview Microsoft's founder and get his thoughts on the recent happenings at Microsoft.

Right of the bat, the discussion turned towards Windows Vista. The operating system went gold two weeks ago and is due to be available to retail customers on January 30. Bill Gates was drilled on the future of the SQL-based WinFS (Windows Future Storage). The feature was due to ship with Vista and was later dropped altogether.

"Well, you definitely still want a structured look for certain kinds of rich query. And if we're going to bring all these things of e-mail and files and photos, bring it together fully, we need more than just the search indexing. Search indexing takes you further than people expect, I would say. But eventually you'll need more of a database-type look to these things," said Gates.

Gates also went on to talk about the recent partnership with Novell. "In general, Linux is not nearly as high-volume as Windows is on servers. But (it's) significant, so customers want new kinds of interoperability." Gates goes on to say "We've done fantastic things on interoperability. Here, we're doing virtual machine interoperability. So you can just have a pool of hardware and applications that use Linux, applications that use Windows, and just have the VM manage which one needs more resource, which one is done, which one needs to be restarted."

On the subject of Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, which now has prime competition in the form of the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, Gates is quite confident in the gaming platform. In fact, Gates wasted no time in touting Microsoft's enviable one-year head start on the market. "You know, Sony can make 80,000 bricks, and people would buy them. So the real competition--you're going to see the impact of our innovation and all the momentum we have in Christmas 2007. This Christmas, the story is: XBox 360 is going to sell super-well, and they'll sell the rounding error amounts they can make."

For the full interview, head on over to CNET News.

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Gee That Didn't Take Long
By qdemn7 on 11/20/2006 8:54:49 AM , Rating: -1
The very first post and it's a Gates / MS bashfest. Excuse me, but just HOW MUCH money has El Supremo Jobs given to charity?

RE: Gee That Didn't Take Long
By dalhectar on 11/20/06, Rating: -1
RE: Gee That Didn't Take Long
By Aikouka on 11/20/2006 9:15:13 AM , Rating: 5
Honestly, you get used to the Gates bashing after awhile. I was in Target last night in the gaming isle and I heard two teens talking about Halo 3 for the XBOX 360. Some kid said, "Oh hey... isn't Halo 3 supposed to be out? I thought Bill Gates said it was" and the other kid responds, "Bill Gates is an idiot."

Such an idiotic ingrained response where Bill Gates is by far anything from an idiot. Innovators like Gates, Allen, Wozniak (Yes, I'd list Wozniak even though he's Apple... Woz is the man!) and such are by far "idiots", yet people are angry for idiotic reasons. Like "Boo hoo, my operating system crashed because I installed spyware on it, but it's Microsoft's fault!" Such lame reasoning that it makes Darwin roll in his grave.

RE: Gee That Didn't Take Long
By Hyperlite on 11/20/2006 9:44:04 AM , Rating: 1

I can't stand people who complain about M$ for things like these. Why do they get slapped with anti-trust suits? because the are good at what they do. If you want to complain and make a big deal about it, go use Ubuntu. They can't see the big picture.

RE: Gee That Didn't Take Long
By Aikouka on 11/20/2006 10:24:24 AM , Rating: 2
I think Microsoft gets hit with Anti-trust settlements because they're well-off ! Look at it this way, the EU fines Microsoft 500 million euros (essentially 500 million dollars). Where does this money go? Hey, extra revenue for the European Union!

Next item on the meeting agenda: How to file more suits against Microsoft to bring up our revenue streams.

A lot of the anti-trust suits are somewhat baseless. They're based on how ill-informed consumers are about other options... since when has ignorance been a valid excuse? In fact, I think if Microsoft did not include items like Windows Media Player, people would complain! Microsoft includes a lot of items with their OS to make it user-friendly out of the box. You have productivity items (albeit nothing like Word), multimedia items, connectivity items, messenging items and more. Even most user-friendly Linux distros include a ton of applications like that!

I'm just tired of it anymore... I'd like to just ignore how ignorant people are... but isn't ignoring the people who ignore an odd idea to think about? :P

RE: Gee That Didn't Take Long
By emboss on 11/20/2006 11:21:50 PM , Rating: 2
Actually, the reason they get slapped with antitrust suits is because they break antitrust regulations. Funny that ...

RE: Gee That Didn't Take Long
By psychobriggsy on 11/20/06, Rating: -1
RE: Gee That Didn't Take Long
By baseball43v3r on 11/20/2006 9:30:40 AM , Rating: 2
uhhh he's given more to charities then any other man alive... i believe there are some estimates that say more the 20 BILLION dollars. maybe do a little research before making an uneducated statement.

RE: Gee That Didn't Take Long
By togaman5000 on 11/20/2006 9:40:24 AM , Rating: 2
The Bill and Melinda Gates has given a heck of a lot to the world, so don't say crap about him giving his 'last dollar'. Everyone in the world has a last dollar, and some of the people in the world have extra money to spare - yet none of their money made the difference Gate's has. Call him an idiot, call his business distasteful, but Microsoft is just be Machiavellian. The point of a business is to profit, and Microsoft is having no trouble doing that.

"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher
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